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  1. Hi AdvancedSetup, and THX for your interest in my request...☺️ As I mentioned, windows won't boot at all, neither in safe mode, neither with driver signature desactivation, in none of the offered modes : always the same, (as I desactivated fast boot to see what happens) I can see the post, normal, then the windows 10 white logo in the midlle of my screen, freezed after a couple of seconds. Anything OK in the bios, drives detected, etc. I also tried to keep only my SSD, still the same. I ran ssdlife & HDtune surface test via Malekal LiveCD, no problem with my drive. I'm
  2. I reply cause you moved my thread from "malwarebyte 3 support" to "malware removal", although I'm pretty sure this is not an infection, but an issue with installation. Anyway, still expecting for help...
  3. Hello,  Just installed new version 3 of MBAM on my computer, over a v2 that I had since years. Installed this V3 yesterday, reboot today, and no more boot, win stops & blocked just after powering up, on win logo. (win 10 x64 pro) At first, didn't even made a relation between no boot and MBAM, but, after I tried win tools to fix, with no success, I booted on Malekal liveCd USB key to have a look at "srtTrail.txt" in c:\windows\system32\logfiles\Srt, then I found an error with the bootres.dll. I googled a few, and found a thread here related to MBAM, srttrail, and bootre
  4. I guess we replied at same time... I read your answer, and guess there is a mistake, No soucy with database auto update, and by the way, I configured mine as your, every 2 2hours, just the annoying "you have to run as adminsitrator" when i want (more exactly, when MBAM wants) to update the software itself.
  5. 'Lo, Replying according to your demand, even if I think it's unnecessary, regarding my previuous post. So, first of all, my "security softwares" : avast free antiviruswindows firewall, and windows firewall notifierMBAM premiumMBAM anti exploit (exploitshield)keyscrambler (anti keylogger)wifiguard (network intrusion detector)USB disk secutiy (USB connected periphs protection cause my USB keys run on many infected computers)windows defender (by default)At least, i use sandboxie to run "hasardous" softwares, and sometimes to run firefox Unchecky is also installed, and remains as a service I guess
  6. THX for so quick reply !!!! Just came back to report after manual update : > update : successfull via DL from site and overwrite existing version. Now > this update fixed the bug with "protection form malicious websites" annoying popup. Then, no more nooying popup with websites protection disabled, automatic program update failed, DL and overwrite = everything OK. Not created icon on desktop with the installer (that luckily asks wether I want or not) this time, manually created it from directory. So all is OK (except software auto update, but not really a problem as fas as
  7. Hello, just created my account to confirm these problems on my computer too. both the admin rights problem for latest program update and desktop icon impossible to del. Without self-protect enabled For update, gonna try update DL and install on it. for icon, no way ???? Tried to solve my problem with google search, that lead me here. From france, Win7x64pro, avast free, all updates. I'd like to add another problem, using premium version of MBAM (and having used MBAM for years now, and using it frequently for my customers computers I have to clean) I hate the Websites protection fonctio
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