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  1. Hi AdvancedSetup, and THX for your interest in my request...☺️ As I mentioned, windows won't boot at all, neither in safe mode, neither with driver signature desactivation, in none of the offered modes : always the same, (as I desactivated fast boot to see what happens) I can see the post, normal, then the windows 10 white logo in the midlle of my screen, freezed after a couple of seconds. Anything OK in the bios, drives detected, etc. I also tried to keep only my SSD, still the same. I ran ssdlife & HDtune surface test via Malekal LiveCD, no problem with my drive. I'm
  2. I reply cause you moved my thread from "malwarebyte 3 support" to "malware removal", although I'm pretty sure this is not an infection, but an issue with installation. Anyway, still expecting for help...
  3. Hello,  Just installed new version 3 of MBAM on my computer, over a v2 that I had since years. Installed this V3 yesterday, reboot today, and no more boot, win stops & blocked just after powering up, on win logo. (win 10 x64 pro) At first, didn't even made a relation between no boot and MBAM, but, after I tried win tools to fix, with no success, I booted on Malekal liveCd USB key to have a look at "srtTrail.txt" in c:\windows\system32\logfiles\Srt, then I found an error with the bootres.dll. I googled a few, and found a thread here related to MBAM, srttrail, and bootre
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