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  1. In "Accounts" --> "Sync Your Settings" it also has "Sync is not available for your account. Contact your system administrator to resolve this." I am the administrator on the computer. I'm the only user?
  2. Oh, I forgot, if you go to Windows Settings --> Accounts --> Sign-in Options, it says "Authentication is required when this PC wakes from sleep. Security policies on this PC are preventing you from changing this setting." I don't remember it ever saying that before?
  3. I have an HP laptop running Window 10 home. On 5/28/18 I updated to Windows 10, version 1803. When I am done on my computer, I don't shut it down, I just close the lid. When I open the lid, a lock screen comes up and I enter in my pin. Yesterday when I opened the lid the screen was black and it was like that forever. I kept hitting the space bar and the left/right click on the touch pad, but it wasn't doing anything, and after hitting the button enough times, every time I pressed the space bar or touch pad or right/left click on the touch pad it would beep. But only when I pressed a
  4. I think this was the original article I used from a while back https://www.windowscentral.com/how-move-default-user-folders-onedrive-windows-10 Not sure if that helps. I recently did the April 2018 update, not sure if that's important either. I wasn't going to keep OneDrive, but it seems fixed now. I hate to start messing with it again! Lol! But if I get rid of it, I should just copy my files to USB, then use that link to uninstall OneDrive and set up my files to save to my PC?
  5. I checked them out, but that just disables OneDrive. How do I get the files that are being saved there back to my PC? When I unlinked my PC from OneDrive, it was as if the files disappeared because they were being saved on OneDrive. I had to link the PC again to get them back on my desktop. An article I just read kind of helped me - It was about restoring default location of personal folders. It said to go into file explorer and to copy and paste "shell:UsersFilesFolder" into the address bar. There, I found the "Desktop" that is on my PC. The folders haven't been updated since I started s
  6. I have OneDrive on my computer, but since it comes automatically on Windows computers I guess that isn't a surprise. Anyways, I didn't really use it before, I just let it do whatever it did, as long as the files I needed where on my computer I didn't really care. A while back, I made an autosaved file for Word documents to go as they were autosaved while I was working on them, which was a quick and easy place for me to find them. I had the file on my Desktop. I wanted it to also save it to OneDrive. I couldn't figure out how to do that, and am not sure exactly how I did it, but I remember I re
  7. Hello. I was trying to open some PDF files I have saved on my computer. I have opened this file a million times and never had any issues. When I clicked on each of them to open them, nothing happened. Neither opened. So, I went into my Adobe reader, clicked File, then Open, and went to each of the files to open them. They opened fine. Then, I went back to File Explorer where my files are saved and tried to open another PDF file, again, I file I have opened a million times before without issues. Like the others, this file didn't open up either. Then, I got an alert from Malwarebytes saying that
  8. The People app, when I click on it to open it to try to make sure all the settings are off, it opens to "Get Started," so since I have never done anything with it would that mean that it's not set up? Or is there somewhere when I can disable certain settings without setting it up.
  9. It's just so ridiculous. I get not letting you uninstall things that are necessary for the computer, but not letting people uninstall random apps is stupid!! I have my music default app set to windows media player, but I also have CyberLink Power Media Player and Groove Music. For the video player it has Movies and TV set as default but in options it has Power Media Player and Windows Media Player listed (I'm not sure if those would work, it also has Photos listed lol).
  10. Well messaging I will remove then lol! Ugh I hate when they install apps that can't be uninstalled! I clicked on movies and TV and it seems like it's for streaming where you purchase what you want, but I have Netflix for that. Does it also play DVDs?
  11. I am on Windows 10. Ok! Thanks! I am uninstalling it then! Do you happen to know what any of these are used for? - Feedback Hub - HP Documentation - Messaging - Messaging app says, "This app only shows SMS texts from your mobile operator about your data plan (billing, data limits, etc.), and only on devices built for high-speed wireless data (LET). It can also show messages you’ve sent and received from apps such as Skype via SMS relay. It can’t send texts.” So, the messaging app can’t send texts. It only stores texts for you to see. And, it doesn’t show texts you’ve r
  12. Hello! This might be a stupid question, but when you are looking in task manager and it is showing App History and it gives the CPU Time and the Network, does that count for updates that occur in the background as well? I'm wondering because it has Skype listed and it says for CPU time 0:25:31 and for Network 0.6 MB and I've never used Skype before. So, I wasn't sure if it was maybe because of an update or something? Thanks for any info anyone can provide!
  13. Ok! When I restarted the computer and opened Firefox, it did say Firefox was updating, so I guess that's why it did it now all of a sudden? But it's just weird it never did it before when Firefox updated. So, I wondered what made it do it now since I haven't made any changes to Firefox (other than whatever it just updated).
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