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  1. In "Accounts" --> "Sync Your Settings" it also has "Sync is not available for your account. Contact your system administrator to resolve this." I am the administrator on the computer. I'm the only user?
  2. Oh, I forgot, if you go to Windows Settings --> Accounts --> Sign-in Options, it says "Authentication is required when this PC wakes from sleep. Security policies on this PC are preventing you from changing this setting." I don't remember it ever saying that before?
  3. I have an HP laptop running Window 10 home. On 5/28/18 I updated to Windows 10, version 1803. When I am done on my computer, I don't shut it down, I just close the lid. When I open the lid, a lock screen comes up and I enter in my pin. Yesterday when I opened the lid the screen was black and it was like that forever. I kept hitting the space bar and the left/right click on the touch pad, but it wasn't doing anything, and after hitting the button enough times, every time I pressed the space bar or touch pad or right/left click on the touch pad it would beep. But only when I pressed a button. This happened once before, and I pressed the power button and it woke up. I changed the sleep/hibernation settings and it never happened again. I don't know why it wasn't doing it before and all of a sudden did it that one time, but after changing the settings it never happened again until yesterday. Since that happened, it has been working fine. Today, I got on the computer and everything seemed fine. The only thing was in my mail app, it said my college email account was out of date, it said "Windows settings are out of date" when I clicked to fix it, I entered my password and it was fixed. I didn't think much of it because it's happened with my college email account many times before. Then, I worked for a bit, everything seemed to be working fine. After a while, I closed the lid and left for a while. When I came back and opened the lid, instead of the lock screen where I enter the pin, a blue screen came and said it needed to setup my Windows account and asked me to enter my Windows password, so I did. Then it asked me to setup a pin, as if I didn't have one already? But, I set up the pin, and then it went to my desktop with it just like normal? Then, after working for a short amount of time, I got the alert in my mail app again that the Windows settings are out of date, but this time for a different account. I have not changed the password on this account, so I don't know why it would be out of date. So, I clicked to fix the issue. But, then it took me to a screen saying I would need to enable Hello Windows? Why would I need to do that. Every time I tried to cancel that out, it wouldn't work. Finally, after 3 times, I X'd out that screen and it allowed me to enter my password and said the issue was fixed? I scanned for viruses and nothing came up - with Malwarebytes (free version) and with Windows Defender. What could be going on?
  4. I think this was the original article I used from a while back https://www.windowscentral.com/how-move-default-user-folders-onedrive-windows-10 Not sure if that helps. I recently did the April 2018 update, not sure if that's important either. I wasn't going to keep OneDrive, but it seems fixed now. I hate to start messing with it again! Lol! But if I get rid of it, I should just copy my files to USB, then use that link to uninstall OneDrive and set up my files to save to my PC?
  5. I checked them out, but that just disables OneDrive. How do I get the files that are being saved there back to my PC? When I unlinked my PC from OneDrive, it was as if the files disappeared because they were being saved on OneDrive. I had to link the PC again to get them back on my desktop. An article I just read kind of helped me - It was about restoring default location of personal folders. It said to go into file explorer and to copy and paste "shell:UsersFilesFolder" into the address bar. There, I found the "Desktop" that is on my PC. The folders haven't been updated since I started saving the desktop files to OneDrive, but they were there. So, from what I am starting to understand, the files are being automatically saved to C:\Users\MyName\OneDrive\My Files\Desktop. So, if I want them to be on my PC, I need to start saving them to C:\Users\MyName\Desktop. So, I guess I have to update the folders on my PC desktop with the documents that are missing (since they were being saved to the OneDrive desktop folder), and then just start saving things to C:]\Users\MyName\Desktop. I can't seem to find any other way to do it. I kind hate OneDrive at this point!! But thanks for the links anyways!
  6. I have OneDrive on my computer, but since it comes automatically on Windows computers I guess that isn't a surprise. Anyways, I didn't really use it before, I just let it do whatever it did, as long as the files I needed where on my computer I didn't really care. A while back, I made an autosaved file for Word documents to go as they were autosaved while I was working on them, which was a quick and easy place for me to find them. I had the file on my Desktop. I wanted it to also save it to OneDrive. I couldn't figure out how to do that, and am not sure exactly how I did it, but I remember I read some article and went through the steps and I named the documents and pictures folders "My Documents" and "My Pictures" then I named a file "My Files" and I put "Desktop" in there. I moved "Desktop" into there. I changed the settings in OneDrive to save documents and pictures to the PC and Desktop files to save online. Yesterday, I got an alert that said that there was not enough space for my documents to upload, which was crazy since I have 1,029 and it said I was only using 13 GB. But, I went to look online, and it showed me the biggest files on OneDrive. I figured since they were also on my PC I could delete them online, but deleting them took them from my computer also, so I restored them. I still have no idea why it said I was out of space, but that issue seemed to be fixed by unlinking the computer and re-linking it. But, I want to stop saving all my desktop files to OneDrive and start only saving certain desktop files to OneDrive and the rest to my PC only. I cannot figure out how to do that. Everything I read online is telling me how to save files to OneDrive or how to how to save them to OneDrive but have them available for offline use as well. Is there a way to not save them at all to OneDrive and only save certain folders in my Desktop to OneDrive? Sorry this was so long to get to one question, but I figured all the info is best! I'd appreciate any advice!! Thank you!
  7. Hello. I was trying to open some PDF files I have saved on my computer. I have opened this file a million times and never had any issues. When I clicked on each of them to open them, nothing happened. Neither opened. So, I went into my Adobe reader, clicked File, then Open, and went to each of the files to open them. They opened fine. Then, I went back to File Explorer where my files are saved and tried to open another PDF file, again, I file I have opened a million times before without issues. Like the others, this file didn't open up either. Then, I got an alert from Malwarebytes saying that an exploit was blocked. I went to Malwarebytes to view the report, this is what it said: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 6/15/18 Protection Event Time: 6:19 PM Log File: 364c7432-70ea-11e8-a306-58fb846b4724.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.374 Update Package Version: 1.0.5500 License: Trial -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 17134.48) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Exploit Details- File: 0 (No malicious items detected) Exploit: 1 Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic, , Blocked, [0], [392684],0.0.0 -Exploit Data- Affected Application: Adobe Reader Protection Layer: Protection Against OS Security Bypass Protection Technique: Exploit code executing from stack blocked File Name: URL: (end) I have no idea what this means? I then went into Adobe, and went to File, then Open and was able to open the file that way. But, I don't understand the Malwarebytes alert saying an exploit was blocked? I've had the free version of Malwarebytes for a while. When I first got it, I had the trial version. But, then the time was up and it switched to the free version. Since then, whenever it needed updated I did it as soon as I was notified. I was notified a little over a week ago to update it, which I did. The difference this time was that it went back to the trial version, giving me the paid version for a certain amount of time. I have 7 more days on it left. I thought that was weird, but why complain about getting it? Lol. But, not sure if that has anything to do with it or what? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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