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  1. Well, the thing is, this little mistake is not the root of the problem (I think). The problem is there is no fail safe what so ever. This 'little' mistake proofs (in my eyes) that the way MB is setup is faulty. How can a little mistake in a protection update result in: - crashed pc's - loss of data (in my case loss of all unsaved data) - corrupted data (in my case veracrypt volumes were affected) - loss of time (took me an hour to figure it out and not to mention the time I have to spend to re-do all the work I lost) And not to mention the fact that this affected all MB users,
  2. Great that everybody is going all jolly happy with the new update. I for one still can't believe that one little mistake can cause these severe damages. What will happen if MB really makes a big mistake? I have used MB for years and I've always recommended it to people. But one little mistake: - crashed my pc's - caused me to loose all auto saved data and unsaved files - corrupted my veracrypt volumes If one little mistake can cause severe damage, what whould have happend if the mistake was bigger? I have deleted MB from my pc's as I for one lost faith in this program. And to all
  3. Yeah, just wanted to thank Malware Bytes for all the lost work. Came here to just say screw you and found this topic... so I'll just put it in here. Just went out for dinner, let my pc running. Comming back and my pc had crashed. Only 1 of 2 displays was working, but nothing responded. Had to restart the pc, went into the logs and turned out the pc ran out of virtual memory?? Had no idea what happend. Lost all my excel sheets I had been working on today. FML. And then it happend again. PC crashed in front of my eyes. Taskbar disappeared, mouse worked but nothing else did anything. Hard re
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