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  1. That should be the one
  2. If you have premium, there's an option in quarantaine setings that tells Malwarebytes not to immediately quarantaine malware once it is detected. That should solve that problem
  3. You're absolutely right. But simply do it when scan results are ready: Uncheck related registry keys and values, then From the documentation: You can of course also tell MBAM to ignore PUPS altogether, although it's no recommended
  4. Nothing of the sort; please read Registry Cleaners: Digital Snake Oil These are categorized as "potentially unwanted", and not as malware. If you'd still like to continue using them, please do, at your own discretion and potentially peril. All you need to do then, is simply exclude the files or folder in question from scanning. All there is to it.
  5. Congrats, MBAM team and WTG, Filipos!