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  1. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    Ah OK....I'm in the US....I just didn't get it for some reason. I'm super tired. Sorry guys lol
  2. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    Oh lol OK. So is that like a thumbs up or did I do something wrong or what?
  3. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    Sorry I'm on my phone maybe it's not showing for me? Is it a picture or something?
  4. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    What that mean?
  5. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    Well I just realized that I was still running 3.1 so I updated to 3.2. So far so good.
  6. Lifetime License Re-Activation?

    Hey guys, So today I opened malwarebytes to run a scan as I do every so often. When I did it was like my lifetime license was deactivated. Only thing is it was fine yesterday. I went ahead and reentered the license info and everything activated. I clicked on update as it stated it needed an update. When I did that it opened my web browser and took me to a page to renew my license. I found this odd as I have a lifetime license so I closed the browser and saw that malwarebytes had updated and I ran a scan which came back fine. Does anyone know why this happened? Was this just a glitch in the software?
  7. Fast Scan?

    Yes it does. Thank you for your response.
  8. Fast Scan?

    Trust me I have a true anti-virus as well. My only concern was the scan time and number of files it was scanning. It takes less time and scans less files that my AV. I just want to make sure that it is operating normally and that it's supposed to scan less files than what I was use to in the previous version of MBAM.
  9. Fast Scan?

    Ok I know that 3.0 is scanning faster as a feature but I just want to make sure that it's working properly. If I run a custom scan with all boxes checked off on the left and all my hard drives checked off it takes about 30 minutes to complete that scan. I remember it used to take around an hour and 30 minutes. Just wish I could remember how many files it scanned. It's scanning around 450,000 files for me. My anti-virus scans millions of files on a custom scan. I know that they are different programs but should malewarebytes scan millions of files as well like my anti-virus does? Again I am doing a custom scan with all boxes checked off on the left and all my drives selected.