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  1. Hello, I ran a scan of my computer with AdwCleaner and this popped up. Is it a false positive? I know I have had to tell Malwarebytes to ignore a few files I have used to mod some video games I have. The files are safe but Malwarebytes doesn't like them. I'm not sure if this registry key has anything to do with them or not. Any help would greatly be appreciated! The following is what comes up on the AdwCleaner detection, I've also attached an image of the detection: PUP.Optional.Legacy Registry Key: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\\Classes\CLSID\{8BF0126F-A5B7-4720-ABB2-2414A0AF5474}
  2. Just an update guys, the Malwarebytes Adwcleaner seems to have done the job. It found 3 items. One was a registry key that was quarantined and the other two were the ask and aol toolbars from Google Chrome. It cleaned the items and now nothing shows on the scan with ESET. I'll do another test later and post the results before I go to bed.
  3. Yeah that’s no problem. Like I said I don’t use Chrome for anything really. I only had installed to take advantage of one of their plugins.
  4. Im honestly thinking about uninstalling Google Chrome all together. Only reason I installed it was to use VidIQ.
  5. Not sure if this can help but it’s the most I can provide to you guys until I get home.
  6. It shouldn’t have been a third party installer. As a matter of fact I have no idea where these files came from. The file path leads back to the MBAM services folder inside the install directory for Malwarebytes which is even more confusing. I’ll use the program you listed and see if it works.
  7. Hey guys, So today I ran a scan with ESET and I constantly get 3 warnings everytime. One is for Win32/SmartFileAdvisor.B potentially unwanted program and the other two are for Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D potentially unsafe program. They are all tied back to the MBAM Service that is run by Malwarebytes. Even after cleaning them and ESET reporting that they were cleaned by deleting them they seem to get caught again by ESET during another scan after a restart or after shutting the computer down and then turning it back on. Are these files false positives? They didn’t show up until after I installed Google Chrome from what I can tell. Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated! Note: A full scan with Malwarebytes comes up clean.
  8. Updated and removed file from exclusion. Scanned both the folder and file 3 times. All is good! Thanks for the fast fix!
  9. OK after I restored it and excluded it. GeForce Experience is working 100% again!
  10. Be quick when excluding it because it will grab it again lol For some reason they had it listed twice in my quarantine.
  11. I've got the original file. I'm going to put it back onto my pc and exclude it and see what happens. Or do you guys think I should just leave it be for now?
  12. OK so I was just sitting at my computer and had been for a while. I wasn't surfing the web or anything as I was doing other things. I got an alert that Malwarebytes had quarantined a Trojan. It asked me to restart the computer to complete the removal of the malware so I did. When I looked at the log it told me that a file named Ontology.dll was the culprit and labeled it as a Trojan.Crypt. I just ran a full scan thew other day and everything was fine. NVIDIA has not updated in a while for me so its not like I updated the drivers or programs that use the graphics card. End result is that Ontology.dll is no longer on my computer but Im thinking this could have been a false positive as it is part of the NVIDIA software. Does anyone have any information on this?
  13. Ah OK....I'm in the US....I just didn't get it for some reason. I'm super tired. Sorry guys lol
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