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  1. Thanks was curious. Had one client take it home and put it in 192.168.x and it wouldn't happen there in four days. Took it back to work put it on 10.x and problem was back. (Non- domain). I had to at least ask.
  2. Of those reporting problems, can you please report on what internal network range you are using on the system I've noted that the ones that I have worked with all seem to be on various 10.x.x x/24 numbered networks. Also the lockups seem to be most prevalent just after startup as things are being loaded. Or as soon as "they try to do anything" just after startup I personally have not seen rh in s on a "192.168.x.x/24" network connected system yet.
  3. I've had a number of clients over the past 3 weeks with this issue and I know for sure more are going to pile in. Some of my clients that have had the issue are 1-3 hours drive time from here and in each case it appeared to be a hardware issue by it's symptoms and was not something that could be resolved/figured out remotely without this new knowledge. I'm very technically capable and experienced and would have NEVER suspected Malwarebytes would be the root cause of this so it was not on my mind to uninstall or otherwise deactivate it as a suspect. This has resulted in hours upon hours of me pulling my hair out and Windows reinstalls with a few of these systems. Such is life, crap happens. Agree it's a very serious issue and not "a tiny percentage". Unless they consider all the Windows7 users to be a tiny percentage and are factoring in all the FREE product windows10 home users. It's an unfortunate situation and has cost me many hours and some travel that I simply cannot bill for. It's also been some billable work for me as well for me. All I can say at this point is that I am greatly relieved to have finally got to the bottom of what the hell is going on. And yep, to me it seems strange how long it has been going on and has not been fixed for how mainstream of a product with ample staff & all this that is has not yet been resolved. It's really a bummer I didn't find this forum post sooner. Steve at Michigan broadband dotcom*
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