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  1. Although my installation functions correctly and I've had no issues since, it is installed in the wrong location, so when the issue is fixed, I want to uninstall MWB from the default location and reinstall it where it was originally.
  2. So should I stay with my current install as it is? I don't want to change the location if it will cause the Web Protection issue again, or prevent further component updates from installing.
  3. I see that the release of MWB 3.51 has been updated to include CP 1.0.391. Does a clean install of the latest release have issues with installation location, or is that just when the CP is updated from previous versions? The issue isn't mentioned in the announcement.
  4. That would be very welcome. Would a manual install then detect those, to account for custom install locations, or just an install through the support tool? One further suggestion, if I may, in the blue ribbon at the top of the MWB window, if there was an "i" icon, or similar, that linked to the about tab, it would be a handy shortcut.
  5. You're welcome, happy to help. When a beta/release is made available which fixes the issue, will this be mentioned? I'd rather not uninstall and reinstall to change the location until the issue has been addressed, otherwise there'll be another uninstall and reinstall after those to change the location back again. Does my suggestion of a text file for the changed settings sound possible/of interest?
  6. Well the issue, here at least, was repeatable. If I can help further, just ask. I appreciate it's a balancing act between ease of use and features. I played it safe and went with the clean install as I knew there was an issue somewhere. Actually the support tool was a bit hit and miss. I think it crashed a couple of times, didn't restart after boot a few times, so it got some use with repeated running. Perhaps if the post reboot response offered two options - to reinstall, or just download the latest version, that might be a workable compromise. Then the custom installers have the latest version downloaded and ready to run, and those that just want a default install have no further clicks. If I might make a suggestion, it would be helpful if MWB 3 created a text file of all the non-default settings. Sometimes it can be hard to remember back to what you changed when, but having a list of all the changes a user made would greatly assist with the post-install configuration. That way, the clean installation is maintained, and the user has a reference of what settings they changed, and can go straight to them, rather than having to check every setting and try to remember if they changed it and how. Typing this has reminded me that I haven't customised the scans, for example.
  7. Thanks Devin. Do the logs provide all the information you need? Could a prompt be added before the reinstall procedure starts, stating that it will install to the default location? It would have saved me some time and hassle, and may well again, if I forget in the future. The advantage of the tool, is that it ensures users reinstall the latest version, rather than one lying around, or from the wrong site, which could happen with a manual install. Perhaps if the tool downloads it, and then lets the user run it themselves for a custom install?
  8. Hi Devin, That was it, I ran the support tool to clean, rebooted. It prompted to reinstall, I toggled the beta setting, checked for updates and it worked. I'd repeated the procedure numerous times, so I believe it was the install location causing the issue. When I previously allowed the support tool to reinstall, I immediately ran the clean function when I saw that it hadn't respected my install location and didn't offer me a choice, so I didn't try the beta update at that time. So, an interim fix for the issue. I hope it will be properly fixed - as I said, it hasn't occurred with previous betas. I hope future testing covers a non-default install location before releases are made available as it's hardly an advanced level tweak. Will the support tool be modified to prompt for install location in the future? I'll PM you the new logs for your information. Many thanks for the help. Edit: Forgot to mention, when this is fixed, if you could let me know, so I can remove MWB and install it in my location of choice, I'd be most appreciative.
  9. Hi Devin, Thank you for your swift reply. I've always used a custom folder. An annoyance of the support tool is that it doesn't ask where to install, so that that added an extra uninstall and reboot. I'll run the clean tool again and let it reinstall, if it asks.
  10. Hi, I'm having an odd problem with MWB 3.5.1. When I saw 1.0.390 was available, I activated beta updates (the release version was working fine). The new Component Package (CP) didn't automatically download. I left it several hours and selected "Install Application Updates". It downloaded and installed something, but the CP remained at 1.0.374. After a reboot, I checked again, it downloaded and installed something, without updating the CP. After each reboot, a manual update check finds and installs something. Also, periodically I received a toast notification of inactive protection, which would disappear shortly afterwards without my intervention. I have done a number of clean installs, but the same behaviour remains. I have noticed that the Protection that is toggling is Web Protection, and that it stays off for around 5-10 seconds. This protection issue only occurs when on the beta stream and applies to 1.0.390 and 1.0.391. I have used the betas before, but never experienced these issues. Any suggestions are welcome. As I say, reboots and clean installs are not fixing the issue, hence my post. Many thanks.
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