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  1. "...Cyber-Criminals"? Why Cyber-Criminals? Criminals are criminals. Let's call them what really are.
  2. Avira Internet Security (2014) refused to install with my MBAM Pro v. 1.7 on my 64 bit desktop Windows 7 Professional. In a quandry, I decided to uninstall MBAM temporarily which enabled me to install the Avira AV, hoping to be able to reinstall MBAM after the Avira install. It worked! But I did not get down to scanning my PC with version 1.7, as version 2 arrived just then. MBAM version 2x also downloaded and installed, over v 1.7, without a hitch and fully licensed, the first scan of which, a Threat Scan, found a PUP, but - Avira would not allow its removal, advising me that MBAM was "incompatible". I now need assistance please to deal with this Avira issue. Is there anything I can do, short of uninstalling Avira and losing my remaining sub. time? An explanation which may assist: this has been very recent, as previously I had XP Home SP 3 installed on that desktop. With the EOL of XP approaching, I decided to move on, and having seen very few good reports on Windows 8, 8.1 -, mostly only a hatred for it - my only option was to install a 64 bit Windows 7 Professional, which I was fortunate to get from a friend for ZAR900.00, about US $95.00. Not wanting to waste the remaining subscription time of the Avira, I installed it on the 64 bit Desktop. Then I had the problem mentioned above when it came to my MBAM version 1.7 install. I have to explain also that I had uninstalled Avira from my XP in disgust, as pop-up advertisements for other Avira products began immediately, which I resented intensely. (I sent Avira an email of objection, and since the reinstall , no more advertisements have appeared.) At that point I installed Avast Free together with MBAM 1.7 and had no further issues. Thanks for reading - a bit long-winded, I know. If any help is forthcoming, it will be much appreciated.
  3. Wow! That's news to me. Thank you for that, because I have used FileHippo.com for good free programs for years, being a pensioner. But of late I have found many of my downloaded program updates, on opening and viewing the EULA, to include embedded horrors like Open Candy, Ask Toolbar, Conduit, Delta Search etc. Uncheky deals with the pre-ticked ones, but I immediately decline any install containing Pups embedded in the EULA, and uninstall the old version of the program - and good riddance. But now, what I learn from you is that it may be too late. But then, you refer to plugins only. Your warning does not seem to apply to programs as well. Just a point of interest you may want to elaborate on for us? MBAM, which has always spotted PUPS I have downloaded accidentally, but has never shown any PUPs being installed from declined downloads - as far as I,m aware. I cannot be sure about this.
  4. Well, you deserve thanks, and congratulations on version 2: all your hard work and sleepless nights produced fine fruit.
  5. Excellent that the the apostrophe has been removed! Not that it ever caused me any issues over my many of use, it was just, in my view and unnecessary nuisance... I just want to say that I installed version 2x on both my Windows 7 Po desktops (32 and 64 bit) without any any issues whatsoever, and that the new version was immediately named without the apostraphe, and changed from Pro to Premium (very much better!) and that, on both machines, my ID # and license code was carried over. The only issue I have ever had with MBAM is that the previous stopped automatically updating, and I had it manually. I obtained the fix from Mbam support by email, but, well, too complicated for an old man... Version 2 - really beautifully done MBAM! Cheers!
  6. Hi folks, Is Anti-Exploit updated to the first out-of-beta version? I kept getting (now ceased) very irritating continuing popups window on my desktop, one after the other, telling me it IS and that the beta works no more, so I'm not protected. >attachment please. If it has been updated to a non-beta version, where on earth do I find the download - or better still, where on Malwarebytes do I find it? I can't find the update Thanks. Cheers!
  7. Could you please here MB? I keep getting annoying adves on the desktop to upgrade Anti-Exploit Beta as the Beta version has expired. I find no place on your web site to upgrade. Please advise. I sent an email to support@malwarebytes.org with a screen capture showing these notices, which appear one after the other. The screen shot shows three of them in a matter of seconds. Thanks. This post is likely off base, but I can find no other Forum to post on regarding Anti-Exploit. Guidance will be appreciated.
  8. Just to say I have MBAM 2 Premium installed over MBAM v 1.7, on both my Windows 7 Pro SP 1 desktops (32 and 64 bit), and find the new version 2 excellent. No problems so far. Scans work beautifully and - fast! Thank you MBAM for a fantastic job.
  9. Yes, Samoreen, what Malwarebytes has advised is working for me. I get an automatic daily scan along with automatic updates. Try it! Great new version of our trusted MBAM! Cheers.
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