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  1. I formatted my HD and now all is well. I can now run 1.46 with no problems.
  2. All Users Startup Folder Exists Current User's Startup Folder Exists
  3. Didn't work for me. Same errors and I'm running Win2000 with Avast and no firewall. 1.44 works fine but 1.45 or 1.46 doesn't.
  4. I did what you said, but I don't know how add it to my post.
  5. Ok, I followed the instructions but I get the same error as soon as I update to the newer version.
  6. Win2000 running Avast free edition and no firewall. Got this error after updating my version and also got this error "mbam missing file 3,0 mbamswiss army.sys".
  7. I have the same errors and I'm running win2000. All I did was update to the new version. I have Avast and no firewall.
  8. I'm running Win 2000 and since the update, I get a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error that says "abnormal program termination". Is there any fix or am I out because of Win 2000?
  9. Fixed me up too! mbam_info.txt mbam_info.txt
  10. Had problem with that too... operating windows win2000 Advanced Windows Care Avast (free edition)
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