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  1. Also, not sure if it has been reported before, the BBCode is not working in that subforum.
  2. Congratulations Malwarebytes' Staff, this release is awesome I have just updated to v1.50 and it's scanning smoothly
  3. Hello, I just want to say that not all antivirus software detect Cookies, also they can be deleted using the browsers' options/configurations.
  4. Nice suggestion Let's wait what the malwarebytes team say.
  5. Hello and sorry for the double post Thanks to Marcin and the development team of Malwarebytes
  6. Congratulations to all the developer team and beta tester, this version is awesome!!
  7. Thanks for the answer RubbeR DuckY, glad to hear that May the force be with all of you in this release
  8. Hello, Will you develop an incremental updates technology?
  9. Very nice team. Waitinf for the new website.
  10. It's like Pac-man eating the ghosts (Malwarebytes eating the malware )
  11. Very nice Waiting for the new redisigned website.
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