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  1. Seriously, I love MalwareBytes so much I think I have a crush on you guys
  2. If it's of any help, I've been using Avast! (free version) and MBAM Premium and they both work great; almost perfect complements. And no, neither products' active protection voids each other, because both active protections have picked up things and notified me i.e. avast picked up viruses and MBAM picked up malware.
  3. To provide further details: "My Account" correctly displays my License identifier, with the State being "Licensed". Exiting MalwareBytes 2.00 and running it again will turn the sliders of Malware Protection under Settings off. Clicking "Fix Now" on the bright red banner on the dashboard does nothing
  4. I am a registered user of the then MalwareBytes 1.75. After upgrading and retaining my license, MalwareBytes 2.00 refuses to activate my Real-Time Protection displaying "No protection" on the Dashboard, This is so even after accessing Settings > Detection and Protection > Malware Protection > Enabled. Strangely enough, the settings page will tell me Malware Protection is enabled but the Dashboard says otherwise. Please advise
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