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  1. adwcleaner! its gone. I don't know why webroot & Malwarebytes pro allowed it to get in. There was no caution by either, at the malacious website!
  2. Malwarebytes keeps blocking malacious website (outbound) Port info changes with each malacious attempt the blocker message is popping up continually. (AppData/Local/I-._d-._l-._e~ ~c_.-r_.-a_.-w_.-l_.-e_.) Windows didn't get it, webroot didn't get it and malwarebytes just keeps blocking it. What should I do?!
  3. I am setting up my new computer and uinstalled - Did I need to run both installs or just this one. It activated with no error messages. Just checking on myself.
  4. I'm happy to see it is not warning about heartbleed on this site now! It was earlier.
  5. Hey Guys, its usually Canda that can't get deals from state side, like the US newegg deal that I tried to get. And ya, it sucks that they won't let Canada download. What's more, THEY SHIP FROM HERE! Still, all in, it was not a bad deal for life time protection.
  6. Sign up at newegg.ca to get the "Blast" email! http://promotions.newegg.ca/NEemail/promotion/Apr-0-2014/72hours16/index-landing.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL041614CA&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL041614CA-_-EMC-041614-Index-_-Header-_-ClickHere
  7. Curious thing. I do a 35 pass wipe of my free space with Ccleaner so I was very surprised and annoyed when a ran a recovery program to get back some jpeg files I decided I should have kept. It found every picture ever in this computer and triple duplicates in most cases. Just thumbs, there were 50,000. I don't need to tell you what a pain it will be to sort! I now have a new hobby. Would I be correct in assuming the free space wiping isn't worth a tinkers D....?
  8. I am curious. If I have a meltdown and need to re-install, do I put in the 1 & then 2 or do I just do 2 and apply the same key?
  9. The Free download does not have the full time monitoring function of paid versions. Once I install the disk copy on the other PC I can simply update to 2.0. It should arrive soon. I already switched to 2.0 on this machine and was pleased that the change was smooth. My licence, Key and ID are unchanged. (File Hippo, I believe sends some trash with downloads, as does CNET, Itunes and a few others. I always go vendor direct. Itunes really irratates me because they are the vendor, take my money and still invade my PC with trash!)
  10. Now that really is worth a laugh! Their dealer is in Canada and they can not sell the full line to Canadians, LOL.
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