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  1. Ran Support tool, did the trick on Win 7 Machine 😀
  2. Same here 🥵 Running (on another machine) Win 7 MB Ver Component Pkg 1.0.1003
  3. Updated this AM, all went well, scan time was ~ 1 minute longer. Running Win 8.1 NO SSD
  4. Been using the Beta version for 30 hours now and have had no problems. Scan is fast and MBAM seems stable. Thanks
  5. Will do Porthos I also disabled MB Browser Guard ..... don't know if there one in the same. I'm not technically competent .......
  6. I too having the same problem. Would love to see the fix asap
  7. Thanks exile360 - As I pointed out I'm using Win 8.1. Also did use the Support tool & it worked fine. BUT I DID ANOTHER shut down and now everything appears to be working as it should. Don't know what the problem was ......gremlins ?
  8. I'm not a tech type person. Problem started Sat Jan 11 noonish. Noticed the MBAM tray icon had a red spot on it, I was at my Ancestry site doing geanology work. Closed Firefox (ver WITH Malwarebytes Browser Guard ) Did a 'check MBAM for update' (ver 4.04) said it was current. Let it go and did my regular Macurim B/U as planned. Shutdown system (Win 8.1 64 bit) - using Windows Defender. This Am Sun Jan 12 problem still there. Searched the forum for answers, no specific answer found none, Downloaded MBAM support tool ran it seemed to go OK. Shut down system - Downloaded FRST tool, ran it all went ok I think. I hope I've supplied all info for this problem .......... FRST.txt
  9. I had the same problem - If you have ANY other computer with MBM on it and running you MUST deactivate it first. The forum posts don't tell us that....SAD
  10. I agree with you scy, I bought my Lifetime License in 2014 from Cleverbridge and always had three copies available. Only used 2 for years and NOW they (exile360 & Maurice Naggar) say that purchase was for 1 computer only. (SEE Attachment) I've done numerous upgrades without problems for years until this one to 3.8. I Tried ALL the things they said and keep running around in circles. To me it's MBAM trying to increase revenues. VERY Disappointed with a company I've trusted for years.
  11. I had 69 of the Trojan Emotet Generic today. Not once did I get a notice a wed site was blocked. I was only doing work on a Genealogy site, my bank and ZDNet.com Hope this is fixed soon ?
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