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  1. I had the same problem - If you have ANY other computer with MBM on it and running you MUST deactivate it first. The forum posts don't tell us that....SAD
  2. I agree with you scy, I bought my Lifetime License in 2014 from Cleverbridge and always had three copies available. Only used 2 for years and NOW they (exile360 & Maurice Naggar) say that purchase was for 1 computer only. (SEE Attachment) I've done numerous upgrades without problems for years until this one to 3.8. I Tried ALL the things they said and keep running around in circles. To me it's MBAM trying to increase revenues. VERY Disappointed with a company I've trusted for years.
  3. I had 69 of the Trojan Emotet Generic today. Not once did I get a notice a wed site was blocked. I was only doing work on a Genealogy site, my bank and ZDNet.com Hope this is fixed soon ?
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