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  1. No its does not. Like others, only by shutting down MWB could I get to my NAS Buffalo Link to be seen.
  2. I've had the same problem nearly 2 weeks now. Had been getting help from Root Admin but the problem not solved. I'm not a tech type person like you guys. Will follow this in hopes MWB staff knows a problem exists and commit to solving it. It's caused me numerous head aches.
  3. I've installed the latest beta update and my issue is unresolved. Yes my NAS and MWB did play nice with each other for over a year. I did a hard shutdown after the beta update since the program did not ask for one. At first could not open file explorer, took 2 tries on shut down before I thought it was OK - Like others, as soon as I turn MWB off all is fine .... loosing my patience here
  4. Yes Root - my Buffalo Link has worked fine for years WITH Malwarebytes. It was an update (last Week) that caused it to go wonky. Will try your suggestion
  5. I'm having a exact same situation with my Buffalo Tera Link station ..... Following
  6. If your using Firefox could be the problem ? >>> Mozilla slows Firefox 82 update due to printing issues, crashes https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/mozilla-slows-firefox-82-update-due-to-printing-issues-crashes/
  7. Spoke to soon - after overnight shutdown it's back to not seeing the Buffalo LinkStation drive. When I first posted, nothing on my system was changed other that Windows Defender and MBAM Updates. Currently running Update package 1.0.31924 Component package ver. 1.0.1070
  8. I'm having a similar situation, not with my printer but with my Buffalo Tera Link station ..... Following
  9. Ran Support tool, did the trick on Win 7 Machine 😀
  10. Same here 🥵 Running (on another machine) Win 7 MB Ver Component Pkg 1.0.1003
  11. Updated this AM, all went well, scan time was ~ 1 minute longer. Running Win 8.1 NO SSD
  12. Been using the Beta version for 30 hours now and have had no problems. Scan is fast and MBAM seems stable. Thanks
  13. Will do Porthos I also disabled MB Browser Guard ..... don't know if there one in the same. I'm not technically competent .......
  14. I too having the same problem. Would love to see the fix asap
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