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  1. cleverbridge owns malwarebytes ccleaner Emsisoft just like avast owns avg now
  2. ok why are they owned by same people who are marketing CCleaner Emsisoft did you no that
  3. i have malwarebytes and it dont pic everything up js
  4. Emsisoft Internet Security realy good ive notust this with malwarebytes is great
  5. why cany malwarebytes make a anti virus with anti explote kit add firewall and antimalware best of all
  6. why dont malwarbytes make a anti virus and firewall would be great as if you have more one pc you got pay for 3 difrint progames
  7. hi new versoin malwarebytes is clashing with avast and avast isint problem free as it is cant install avast inles trun of malwarebytes
  8. Hi me again it still showing what every way i set it its constin scaneing it says fire fox apps then my apps under my pc name
  9. Hi im haveing strange readings its says i have tow threats then i dont then i do its pup
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