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  1. Having this exact same issue. Noticeable mostly when playing video games, specifically Heroes of the Storm and Forza Horizon 4. The audio hangs very very briefly but enough that it's noticeable. Quitting Malwarebytes entirely solves the problem. Not really looking for a fix since I know what's causing it. I just disable the app while gaming and re-enable after.
  2. Chiming in, exact same thing here. Logged on the computer for the first time today and was surprised to see the MBAM notification icon. Updater runs for 2 or 3 seconds and then stops without updating.
  3. That is correct. I know the 'solution' is to enable all 4 parts but this is just a question I had after playing with a sample I encountered yesterday in my professional life. This let's me simulate a scenario where anti-malware missed the threat but anti-ransomware did it's job. Was just curious to know if the delay in quarantine is intentional, a side-affect of how its implemented or something else.
  4. I have a fully functional ransomware sample that was stopped by MBAM Ransomware but the detection took longer than expected. The sample was able to start encrypting a small number of legitimate files before being quarantined. It's worth nothing the anti-malware component detects it immediately so there's no real issue but I disabled that protection to see if/how fast the anti-ransomware would catch it. I'm wondering if this delay in Anti-Ransomware functionality is expected?
  5. Hi Devin, Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't help If I start a scan and click the X the minimize entirely to the system tray the CPU resources are still pegged at 100% by mbamservice.exe and everything still slows to a crawl. It seems to start during the Scan File System phase and the doesn't seem to happen during the other scanning phases. This computer is using a Samsung 256GB PM851 mSATA SSD if that helps at all.
  6. Ever since upgrading to MBAM 3.0 Premium, any of the scan options makes my computer slow to a complete crawl. The scan itself seems unaffected by the performance hit but everything else becomes unresponsive. Task Manager shows CPU at 100% but mbam.exe using only 4%. Resource Monitor shows mbamservice.exe using 90%+ CPU across all my cores for the duration of the scan which explains why everything slows down. Current version is MBAM OS is Windows 7 x64. I've uninstalled, run both mbam_clean and mbae_clean and reinstalled to no affect. Issue still happens. I can't find a
  7. Had no issues upgrading to MBAM 3.0 and it's working fine on Windows 7 64bit with one exception. I decided to run a Custom Scan of my entire C:\ with all options enabled (rootkit etc.) to see how long it would take. Once it hit the file in the attached screenshot the MBAM came to a screeching halt and hasn't moved since. I could probably just whitelist the file and start over but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue as that's odd behavior.
  8. Yes I'm running BitLocker. No I'm not running in any RAID configuration. I was able to launch a Threat Scan without error after doing the steps you suggested in this quoted reply.
  9. Attached. One correction to my previous post is that I did have a previous version of MBAM installed. Not sure which version but I know it wasn't the 2.0 Beta. CheckResults.txt
  10. I'm having this exact same problem on Windows 7 x64 using Threat Scan during the Pre-scan Operations portion. The exact error message is 'Scanner Failed with Error Code: 20026'. Then it says 'Error: Malwarebytes was unable to load the Anti-Rootkit Driver. Error Code:20026'. It then asks if I want to continue to scan without looking for root-kits. If I click Yes or No, it immediately fails and then says "SDK Scanning Error: 20026" System config and things I've tried are below. The only way I can get the error to go away is to disable the root-kit scanning option. Running local adminDisab
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