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  1. HI, it's a long process can't manage time for this, Can you suggest me which anti-virus is good for me and protect me from everything(virus, malware.....so no). Many Thanks.
  2. Hello Georgi, Yes, my laptop frozes and became unresponsive and I had to power off and on again to work. It happened after all 3 steps done. But, till now, in the morning it seems ok. Thanks
  3. Hi, Been busy with work,sorry for the late. did the three test and attached the result. After this process my Laptop hangs 3 time.don't understand Thanks again for your patient . AdwCleanerS0.txt JRT.txt Malwarebytes Anti.txt
  4. Hello, Sorry I am late, had to make and dispatched all decal item for customer :-) I have attached the file. Thanks again. jrdecal Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi, I Have attached 2 files. Thanks for your help. Fixlog.txt Fixlog.txt
  6. Hello again, I was very upset about my problem. I thought will be best if I setup my OS again. I have product key but not the Windows 8 soft copy. As a result I try to download from internet. and I got u-torrent or few more thing on my pc. :-( Forgot to let you know that I upgraded my windows 8 to 8.1 using microsoft account. After that TornTV and Websteroids removed but the Torntv V9.0 is not. Still now, my cpanel is not showing anything but few microsoft visual program. Thanks
  7. Hello, There is nothing showing in my cpanel/appwiz.cpl but few the microsoft visual c++. Not even my MS Office or anything. But I can work using MS office tools. So, I can't uninstall : TornTV Torntv V9.0 Websteroids Thanks
  8. Hi, Thanks for your support.have attached the files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hello, I am not sure how to describe the problem I am having right now. But I am trying to :-) Yesterday I try to install a programm called jpg converter but I got lots of unwanted program installed in my laptop in a second. Now, its giving me problem like taking control of my control panel, I can't uninstall the program. Trying to uninstall/remove but its not working. Can you help, please. OS: Windows 8 Dell laptop Please help, there is lots of my important doc on my pc. Thanks in advance Murshid
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