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  1. Win 7 Pro 64-bit I have been using Malwarebytes Premium and Microsoft Security Essentials together for some years now with no problems. As support for MS Security Essentials is being withdrawn next year I have been thinking of replacing Essentials with Panda Free. Does Premium run okay with Panda? David
  2. There's no need to apologise - you cannot cover everything. I've had Malwarebytes for years on our two desktops and I think it's wonderful. I only put the post up because I thought it might help someone else who's scratching their head wondering why their dongle won't send a text. Many thanks and enjoy the day. David
  3. I have a Huawei 3G dongle for my laptop - I use it when there is no WIFI available. When activated the dongle opens in the browser; from this page you can access the dongle settings and send & receive texts. I have found that the dongle will not send or receive texts if Browser Guard is active - it is necessary to disable Browser Guard completely for the dongle site. It logs on okay and surfing the web is okay - just won't send or receive texts. It's no problem - it just took me a while fiddling around before I thought of disabling Browser Guard. David
  4. Thank you very much for your reply - it seems to me we will probably have to wait until the video pop-up becomes unpopular. I used to visit the Daily Mail site for a bit of light entertainment but I don't bother now. So perhaps lack of clicks will eventually signal their demise. I have just visited the Daily Mail site and Browser Guard blocked 64 trackers etc which is more than Privacy Badger - my previous adblocker - at 29. But then - we don't pay for these sites so they have to pay for them somehow. And they are employing some very clever programmers. Many thanks and enjoy the day
  5. Several sites - such as the Daily Mail UK newspaper - display a pop-up running video when clicking on a link and displaying in a new tab. I find it very irritating but despite searching the net and trying various solutions nothing seems to stop these pop-ups. I also run Malwarebytes Premium. I have just installed Browser Guard - I wonder if it is possible for Browser Guard to kill these video pup-ups. David Solomon
  6. Many thanks for the reassuring posts. I signed up with Malwarebytes years ago and I think it has saved my bacon a few times. But it was a thought that came to me about 4 o'clock this morning… So many thanks and Happy Christmas everybody. David
  7. I use MS Flight Simulator occasionally. I don't fly with others online at the same time but the flight sim uses the internet to download weather data if requested. The flight sim is always running full screen - not in a browser window. Does Malwarebytes - I have Premium - still protect me against malware and ransomware etc.? Or against unauthorised access to my computer? David
  8. So I did - I took them off almost immediately but the damage was done. I'm 70 now and I thought I had those freebie things sorted - I always use custom install and clear all the check boxes. But perhaps I cleared one when I should have left checked. But I'm sure Web Advisor was interfering with Malwarebytes. Many thanks for your help, David
  9. Hi, File attached. I don't know how Mcafee arrived - I definitely didn't ask for it. Many thanks for your help, David mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. This morning a pop-up appeared on my desktop - it looked as if it was Malwarebyte pop-up from the taskbar. It said that Malwarebytes "Safe Search" was turned off and click here to turn off. I have had Malwarebytes for years and never seen Safe Search - opened Malwarebytes (Premium) and running as normal. So unckecked the box in the pop-up and closed the pop-up. What it did, I think, was to install Mcafee Web Advisor. I then found that my log-in to to the Malwarebytes forums was locked. I looked in Auto Manager on Revo Uninstaller and there was a Mcafee web adviser running - haven't had Mc
  11. You're blocking my home website again! It's sollyweb.pagesperso-orange.fr . I think this is the third or fourth time and yesterday I sent the link to an old re-discovered friend to show where we are living now. Can you get this sorted please? There is nothing on it but pictures of us renovating an old house and family pics. Thank you. David Solomon
  12. Can you please unblock my personal website at hxxp://sollyweb.pagesperso-orange.fr again please? Thank you, David Solomon
  13. Could you please unblock http://sollyweb.pagesperso-orange.fr/ . It is my personal website, hosted by Orange.fr, my ISP. It contains nothing but family photos and newsletters. Many thanks, David Solomon
  14. My internet provider is Orange France and I have a personal web on the orange server - free with my account. The address is: http://sollyweb.pagesperso-orange.fr/ Blocked domain: Malwarebytes is blocking the web. I attach the history log. Could you please clear the block? Nothing on my web except family stuff and pics. Thank you. malwarebytes history log.txt
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