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  1. Win 7 Pro 64-bit I have been using Malwarebytes Premium and Microsoft Security Essentials together for some years now with no problems. As support for MS Security Essentials is being withdrawn next year I have been thinking of replacing Essentials with Panda Free. Does Premium run okay with Panda? David
  2. There's no need to apologise - you cannot cover everything. I've had Malwarebytes for years on our two desktops and I think it's wonderful. I only put the post up because I thought it might help someone else who's scratching their head wondering why their dongle won't send a text. Many thanks and enjoy the day. David
  3. I have a Huawei 3G dongle for my laptop - I use it when there is no WIFI available. When activated the dongle opens in the browser; from this page you can access the dongle settings and send & receive texts. I have found that the dongle will not send or receive texts if Browser Guard is active - it is necessary to disable Browser Guard completely for the dongle site. It logs on okay and surfing the web is okay - just won't send or receive texts. It's no problem - it just took me a while fiddling around before I thought of disabling Browser Guard. David
  4. Thank you very much for your reply - it seems to me we will probably have to wait until the video pop-up becomes unpopular. I used to visit the Daily Mail site for a bit of light entertainment but I don't bother now. So perhaps lack of clicks will eventually signal their demise. I have just visited the Daily Mail site and Browser Guard blocked 64 trackers etc which is more than Privacy Badger - my previous adblocker - at 29. But then - we don't pay for these sites so they have to pay for them somehow. And they are employing some very clever programmers. Many thanks and enjoy the day. I live in France and it's pouring down. David
  5. Several sites - such as the Daily Mail UK newspaper - display a pop-up running video when clicking on a link and displaying in a new tab. I find it very irritating but despite searching the net and trying various solutions nothing seems to stop these pop-ups. I also run Malwarebytes Premium. I have just installed Browser Guard - I wonder if it is possible for Browser Guard to kill these video pup-ups. David Solomon
  6. Many thanks for the reassuring posts. I signed up with Malwarebytes years ago and I think it has saved my bacon a few times. But it was a thought that came to me about 4 o'clock this morning… So many thanks and Happy Christmas everybody. David
  7. I use MS Flight Simulator occasionally. I don't fly with others online at the same time but the flight sim uses the internet to download weather data if requested. The flight sim is always running full screen - not in a browser window. Does Malwarebytes - I have Premium - still protect me against malware and ransomware etc.? Or against unauthorised access to my computer? David
  8. So I did - I took them off almost immediately but the damage was done. I'm 70 now and I thought I had those freebie things sorted - I always use custom install and clear all the check boxes. But perhaps I cleared one when I should have left checked. But I'm sure Web Advisor was interfering with Malwarebytes. Many thanks for your help, David
  9. Hi, File attached. I don't know how Mcafee arrived - I definitely didn't ask for it. Many thanks for your help, David mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. This morning a pop-up appeared on my desktop - it looked as if it was Malwarebyte pop-up from the taskbar. It said that Malwarebytes "Safe Search" was turned off and click here to turn off. I have had Malwarebytes for years and never seen Safe Search - opened Malwarebytes (Premium) and running as normal. So unckecked the box in the pop-up and closed the pop-up. What it did, I think, was to install Mcafee Web Advisor. I then found that my log-in to to the Malwarebytes forums was locked. I looked in Auto Manager on Revo Uninstaller and there was a Mcafee web adviser running - haven't had Mcafee since I discovered Malwarebytes so used Revo to uninstall program and clean the registry. Reboot computer and I can log-in to Malwarebytes again. Whatever installed Mcafee was not detected by Malwarebytes. I ran two full scans after discovering that I could not log-in to Malwarebytes and nothing was picked up. Running Win 7 Pro 64-bit, HP Z600 work station, Malwarebytes Premium, Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Firewall.
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