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  1. This is probably not a Beta problem, but I am using Beta 4.0.3; so I am posting here. Somehow the notification window got moved to the middle of the screen. How do I move it back to the lower right corner? I tried dragging it, but the window doesn't appear to be able to be dragged. I turned off all notification options and turned them back on, but it didn't work. I have a feeling I am going to be told to uninstall and reinstall, but I hope there is an easier way.
  2. I installed version over 3.8.3 and restarted my PC when prompted. After restart, I still showed version 3.8.3 was installed; Beta 4x was not installed. I ran the setup installer again and received "an error occurred". I quit Malwarebytes and tried again; same error. I uninstalled 3.8.3 and restarted PC. Ran installer again and this time it installed. I had to enter my lifetime license info, Fortunately, it worked since I forgot to deactivate it before uninstalling previous version. I also had to disable the option to always register with Windows Security Center because it disabled Windows Defender. I know this is a common problem with version 3.x I assume this will be fixed eventually. Everything seems to be running fine now.
  3. I believe the submitted file is a false positive. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal and Malwarebytes is the only program that detected a threat. usbshutterv1-64x.rar
  4. I received the 3.4 version update. Everything seems to be running fine. I do have a complaint though; I get a notification when a schedule scan has completed. I don't think this is necessary, if the system is clean. I remember this was happening in v3.0 or 3.1 (i believe).
  5. Never Mind...it is working now. It seems to have fixed itself. It might have been a bug in an update or something. Oh well...case closed.
  6. I am not sure if this is a Malwarebytes problem. I am running Premium; component package version 1.0.212 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1709 (Fall Creator's Update. I am not sure how long I have had his problem, but I believe it started sometime after the Fall update was installed. The problem is I cannot scroll down on Microsoft Edge Menu. I also cannot scroll down on the Defender Security Center Virus &Threat Protection Settings window. If I click outside the window (make it inactive) and use the scroll wheel, I can move down; but as soon as I click on something, it jumps back to the top. The problem goes away on Edge in Safe Mode. Defender is turned off in safe mode, so I cannot test it. Also, Malwarebytes does not load in safe mode. Since the problem only seem to appears in normal boot mode, it has to be a problem with a startup program and since it also affects Defender Security Center, I am thinking so sort of conflict with Malwarebytes. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  7. @dcollinsThank you. The information now shows up. This is resolved.
  8. @dcollins Have you heard from the escalation team?
  9. @dcollins I sent you a PM with the info you requested. Thanks.
  10. Here is the latest response from Cleverbridge. Although we have updated your information on our end, you may need to contact malwarebytes directly in order to change it in their system as well.
  11. The reason for the account is that I can deactivate it without having program. If I forget to deactivate it before reinstalling or moving it to a new pc, I can use the account.
  12. I contacted them and told them the problem. They told me to contact Malwarebytes. I sent them another email and told them that you guys told me to contact them (Cleverbridege). That is where I am at now. I guess we are at the stage where no one knows who can resolved the problem. The only reason I want to create the account is just in case I to deactivate my lifetime license. I know I can do this in the program, but what if I don't have access; due to crash or reformat.
  13. okay...I contacted Cleverbridge and they changed my contact info (email address). I logged into my malwarebytes account. It shows no orders or subscriptions. I purchased the Lifetime license in 2011. Is there a way to add this order and subscription to the account? The reason for this is so that if I need reinstall Malwarebytes and forget to deactivate, I can do it here. Thanks.
  14. I decided to setup an account to manage my subscription, just in case I ever need it. I could not remember the email I used when I purchased it six years ago. I don't believe I still have that email address. I still have the original receipt from Cleverbridge. It make no mention of the email address. Is there a way I can add my subscription to account I just created?
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