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  1. This is probably not a Beta problem, but I am using Beta 4.0.3; so I am posting here. Somehow the notification window got moved to the middle of the screen. How do I move it back to the lower right corner? I tried dragging it, but the window doesn't appear to be able to be dragged. I turned off all notification options and turned them back on, but it didn't work. I have a feeling I am going to be told to uninstall and reinstall, but I hope there is an easier way.
  2. I installed version over 3.8.3 and restarted my PC when prompted. After restart, I still showed version 3.8.3 was installed; Beta 4x was not installed. I ran the setup installer again and received "an error occurred". I quit Malwarebytes and tried again; same error. I uninstalled 3.8.3 and restarted PC. Ran installer again and this time it installed. I had to enter my lifetime license info, Fortunately, it worked since I forgot to deactivate it before uninstalling previous version. I also had to disable the option to always register with Windows Security Center because it disabled Windows Defender. I know this is a common problem with version 3.x I assume this will be fixed eventually. Everything seems to be running fine now.
  3. I believe the submitted file is a false positive. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal and Malwarebytes is the only program that detected a threat. usbshutterv1-64x.rar
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