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  1. Update....I still had the installer so I did not download again, but I forgot that the installer had the old component 1.0.50. I discovered this when I did the website blocking test and got no popup; just server not found error message. Fortunately. I was able to use the "Install Application updates" button to get current. I now get the popup message, but an old problem has reoccurred; I have to use ip address to add to exclusion list. It won't work with the site name, I was able to use the site name in 1.0.75 before the reinstall. Everything else seems far...
  2. I did not know that Self Protection wasn't running. I relied on the reporting. I just did an uninstall and ran mb-clean. Rebooted and reinstall. It apparently fixed the problem. Uninstalling and reinstalling seems to be the universal fix for everything. Hope one the produce will be stable enough that we won't have keep doing this. Here are the new logs...Please take a look at them and see if there are problems I don't see. Btw, I had to stop MBAMService in Task Manager to zip the logs folder. Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  3. Here are the logs... Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  4. I may have discovered a new problem. I still have the problem of some protections not starting occasionally and I don't get the triangle notification in the systray. I only find out when I open the program. I decided to to try the suggestion of turn on self protection early start. It won't turn on. The slider does not move. Tried to turn off self protection and it won't turn off either. I am running under limited user in Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I tried running MalwareByles as admin, but still did not work. I logged into my Admin account, but still would not let me turn off self protection or turn of self protection early start. I have never tried to change these settings before; so I don't know if this problem always existed for me or it is new. I am running v3.0.6.1479/1.0.75.
  5. I downloaded the new version with component package version 1.0.75. I never received v1.0.69 via automatic update. I decide to download the new installer. I installed it over the top with no errors. Everything seems to be working fine. The web protection seems to be running correctly. I get a popup when a site is blocked. I can add the name of a site to the exception list instead of having to use the site's ip address, which I have to go to a lookup site and get that info. There are a couple of new features I would like to see in the near future, 1) Ability to add a site to the exception list w/o having to manually type it. it was in version 2.2.1. Why would they remove it? 2) Backup/restore settings, particularly the Exploit Protection list. Thanks.
  6. I am running MalwareBytes 0n Win10 Pro 64bit. I may have discovered a couple of bugs in Exclusions or they may be intentional. 1) Adding the website's name in the Exclusions does not work, You have to use the site's ip address, 2) When a site is blocked, you get a Server not found; not the MalwareBytes blocked site message that version 2 displayed. You really should change this because it is confusing. Users don't know if if is a server problem or MalwareBytes. Also, where does MalwareBytes get their info to block a site? I have seen it block sites that may not need to be block. I checked the sites' reputation and I can't find anything that suggest the the is harmful.
  7. I downloaded and installed over the top of Everything seems fine. I was wondering if i had waited long enough, would I have gotten a notification about the new version and been able to update through the program?
  8. When we come across a website that has been blocked, you could right-click on the icon and there was an option to add to exclusion list in v2. That option is no longer available in v3. Why? I noticed that sometimes adding the site name to the exclusion list did not always work. You had to enter the ip address. That is what made the add to exclusion list option useful. Now, we have add the site or the ip address manually. IP addresses can be difficult to remember and we have to keep a pen and paper handy just in case. Consider adding this feature back.
  9. Thanks, John. I did not think of adding a program and seeing if the buttons were active, They were not in 3,0,5. I just assume it was still broken. It may be intentional that they buttons are inactive for the preinstalled items.
  10. I just updated to 3.0.6. I deactivated my license and uninstall 3.0.5 and did a reboot. I installed 3.0.6 and activated my license. Everything appears far. There are still 2 bugs; one is cosmetic so it is no big deal. The other is the Edit and Remove buttons in Exploit Protection List is greyed-out. I didn't know if this bug was address in this release, so I thought I would mention it. The cosmetic bug is in the User Access - you have to hit the tab key twice to get to the password field. No big deal. Also, I really hope the staff considers adding a Backup/Restore feature for Exploit Protection List and possibly other settings. Thanks.
  11. i figured I would post my problems with 3.0.5, even though they are the same as everyone else. I am also posting 3 logs. The problems are that Exploit and Malware protections will unexpectedly be disabled, though not both at the same time. I don't thing I get popup notifying me, at least not every tome. I also don't get the orange notification in the Malwarebytes icon the systray. I do get a notification on the dashboard. The way I found this out was Malwarebytes missed a scheduled scan and I discovered that malware protection was off. I then started periodically checking the status several times a day. I would sometimes discover that Exploit or Malware protection would be off. There is no specific reason or time of day that this happens; that I know of. Also, I am unable to edit or delete Exploit protection list. I know this is a known bug, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Finally, I do get the orange notification in the systray that update are not current. I check for updates and it say it is current. I also check for modules updates. I have to restart to get rid of notification. I believe those are all the problems I am having. Here are the 3 logs. By the way, at the time the logs were generated, there were no problems, If I need to submit a log when there's a problem, let me know. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  12. Update on testing...I rebooted and everything seems to be working fine. No annoying popup about not fully protected. I do have one problem...I am unable to edit or delete MBAE programs. Those button are greyed-out. I tried running Malwarebytes as Administrator. I tried it under my Windows Admin user account. I am able to add programs. I am not sure if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong. I tried clicking on the program and right-clicking. Nothing, I can turn them off and on; and add. Just not edit or delete.
  13. I update to v3.05 over 3.04. The annoying protection off popup seems to be fix on my system. I have not seen it in the few hours that I have been running this new version. I am still testing it and I have not rebooted my system yet. I will do that later. I believe I am ready to run 3.0 on my system. I have started added programs to MBAE. I am wondering what programs I should add. For example, I added PDF X-Change Editor to the list, but I don't use it on the net. Firefox built-in PDF reader loads when I access a PDF on the net. Also, the updater for PDF X-Change seems to be a separate .exe. Do I need to add this program to the list as well? Should I add all my programs' updater to the list even it the main program does not access the internet? Most of the programs in the list (default) are not installed, but I am planning to leave them in the list. I also noticed that Foxit Phantom is on the list twice. I can add programs, but I cannot edit or delete. I think this is because I am logged into my standard windows user account. I will log into my admin windows account and try it later.
  14. Well I have started getting the warning message that protections are turned off. I have never gotten this message until now. The Dashboard shows all green check marks and there is no orange triangle in the Malwarebytes systray icon. I clicked the button to Turn on protections anyway. I can't believe this is out of beta. I don't believe it is ready for prime time.
  15. Ok Thanks. I didn't think so, but wanted to be sure. I did check for new application updates and it downloaded/installed a new update.