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  1. Thanks. We already have an activated license and the 'register in windows' setting is already off. Now we will turn all the MBAM realtime, web, malware, ransom and exploit protection switches back on, correct? Now there will be no conflict with defender, correct? In the recent past, isn't it true that we could not run two different 'malware' scanners at the same time? Are we to assume that you guys have addressed this in your most recent version? We need to be sure that MBAM will not disable any Defender functions, yeah? Thanks again
  2. Hi; we just installed the latest MBAM 4.1.0. We recently made the move to windows 10 ver. 1903. We are using the windows defender. With you newest version, can we now turn on your realtime protection and run defender at the same time? Thanks!
  3. Hi; i do not want to 'upgrade' to windows 10 next year. Will MBAM premium still be supported for years to come, even after support for windows 7 ends? Will MBAM realtime protection keep me safe despite the end of windows 7 security support in 2020? Thanks
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