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  1. So far so good but not 100% certain till more time goes by. Thanks for asking and we'll let ya know if it happens again.
  2. My nightly scan has found these 3 PUPs twice now, even after i quarantine and delete them. I ran the eset scan on my App Data folder and it does not report a problem. My only anti-virus is windows defender and MBAM premium is my only malware program. Hoping someone will help me decipher this report and help me completely remove this or else say if it is a false flag. Thanks! malwarebytes.com.txt
  3. Thanks. We already have an activated license and the 'register in windows' setting is already off. Now we will turn all the MBAM realtime, web, malware, ransom and exploit protection switches back on, correct? Now there will be no conflict with defender, correct? In the recent past, isn't it true that we could not run two different 'malware' scanners at the same time? Are we to assume that you guys have addressed this in your most recent version? We need to be sure that MBAM will not disable any Defender functions, yeah? Thanks again
  4. Hi; we just installed the latest MBAM 4.1.0. We recently made the move to windows 10 ver. 1903. We are using the windows defender. With you newest version, can we now turn on your realtime protection and run defender at the same time? Thanks!
  5. Hi; i do not want to 'upgrade' to windows 10 next year. Will MBAM premium still be supported for years to come, even after support for windows 7 ends? Will MBAM realtime protection keep me safe despite the end of windows 7 security support in 2020? Thanks
  6. What updates does this refer to? I just installed the 3.4 ver the other day. I like mbam to run quietly in the background. How do i set the settings so i don't have to respond to this again? thank you
  7. In my case, i was able to finally, somehow, uninstall it in windows 7 progams and features. Then i ran the clean tool. Two days ago i reinstalled mbam and all was well, but now i'm back to it turning off protection. Right now i have zero protection. I hesitate in trying another mbam install. Will it work this time? If i reinstall it again, will the real-time stay on? thanks
  8. Doing a system restore is easy enough for me to do so i did that and MB is working fine, all protection modes on. Then i turned off the automatic updates; problem solved!
  9. Everything was perfect until today. nothing on my pc is different. I have version 3.1.1; isn't that the latest version? my settings are set to automatically download any updates. I can't see myself going through learning how to reinstall the program with the chance of my messing things up (i'm not that saavy) or the whole reinstall process not even fixing anything. MBAM really needs to address this on their end; many other users are experiencing this. Do you tell all those people to do what you are telling me to do? Has your 'fix' worked for them? If so, i'm not seeing a thread to that effe
  10. Please say what those scan logs revealed; what conclusions do we come to by what they reveal.
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