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  1. Just to let you know, here is the thread I made in the Kaspersky forum regarding MBAE and KIS: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?&showtopic=291038 There have been replies from other users as well. For now, I see no strong reason to dump MBAE. I'll use both KIS and MBAE.
  2. Thanks, MCFatTongue! Thank you for your help. I guess I just have to have both KIS and MBAE in my system. I still got no response regarding this in the Kaspersky forum.
  3. I already checked the box in the threats and exclusions... but no blocking from the KIS... the file is automatically added in the Trusted group... I suppose it's because of the "Trust digitally signed applications"... But even if I don't enable it, the test will still be automatically added to the trusted group... I'm sure KIS is working because it can detect the eicar file... MCFatTongue, what's the detection name given by KIS to the test file? Wilpower, can I ask you to run the test file while MBAE is disabled?
  4. MCFatTongue, if you disable MBAE, does KIS block the test in your system?
  5. KIS doesn't block the test because the test is added in the Trusted group. The test is digitally signed by Malwarebytes, that's why. KIS blocks it if I transfer it to Low Restricted or High Restricted. But, by default, KIS let the test (the exploit button) run. I guess what I need to test is a safe exploit sample that is not digitally signed.
  6. i got it working... i downloaded the missing .dll... hehehehe... MBAE blocked the exploit test... but nothing from KIS, even when I stopped the protection of MBAE...
  7. huhuhu... even after install visual c++, the pop up still appears... what should i do to run the test? btw, I have win 8.1 32-bit system...
  8. ok thanks... i'll try it... but i guess i must first install visual c++ sp1 redistributable to run the test... whenever i run the exploit test, a pop up will show that msvcr100d.dll is missing.
  9. I don't use MBAM. I use only MBAE which I already excluded from the KIS. My problem is this: For example, my system is being exploited. I have both KIS and MBAE installed. Which program will first detect and stop the exploit? Is it KIS or MBAE? Both? Or none? Because of possible conflict, maybe neither will stop the exploit.
  10. Does MBAE not conflict with Kaspersky Internet Security 14? Can MBAE be run alongside KIS14 just like with EMET? KIS has Automatic Exploit Prevention. I already asked about this in the Kaspersky forum. The reply I got is that there might be a conflict since MBAE is running in real time. But, here in the MBAE forum, I found some users that has both MBAE and KIS installed. That's why I want to be sure. As of now, I run them both with no system crashes or anything problematic.
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