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  1. Mbam gives me a warning in the taskbar icon that I've been infected by an IP address from a Dutch website hosted in Denmark at B-One-Net: http://www.db.ripe.net/whois?form_type=sim...o_search=Search Netcraft says nothing is wrong, the host says there's no malware on the site, so what is wrong here? Why does mbam warn me about an infection? It only gives the warning when I have IP protection activated.
  2. Does anyone have the same problem as I have with ccleaner and mbam? When I clean up the system with ccleaner, mabam stops the process and notifies me that a trojan downloader is active. The file is mozilla firefox's 'download.sqlite'. I get this everytime I clean up the system. I know it's a false positive so I always click 'ignore'.
  3. Tom Mercado suggested I post this topic: The program ccleaner of piriform tries to clean up the download history of firefox, but mbam blocks this and claims that this file: AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\57moo7ok.default\downloads.sqlite is a trojan downloader. The strange thing is, it does not always do so ... However, on virus total the file is 100% safe, and a manual scan by mbam also says there's nothing wrong. What does ccleaner do that makes mbam block the cleaning process? And can this please be automatically ignored? Tom says it probably is a heuristic hit. Ed
  4. I have this problem: While cleaning the system with the latest version of Piriform CCleaner, MBAM interrupts with this message that a trojan downloader has been detected, named "downloads.sqlite", located in the folder AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\57m0070k.default\ When I try to put it into quarantine both CCleaner and MBAM freeze, and a restart of the system is required. Then I find that the file is not quarantined. What is strange is that MBAM does not mark the file as bad during a manual scan. On virus total it is also marked 100% safe. How can I solve this repeated popup from M
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