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  1. Hello, my Windows 10 got so slow, with high use CPU and memory started without doing almost anything, started a three days ago, also i have a good pc specs. 16gb ram i56600 intel ssd m2 pci express 500gb and others things I use edge browser and I'm noticing several flaws and sloppiness to open new tabs and everything. Its attached the two Farbar reports. Also i have MalwareBytes Premium. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Psychotic I formatted my computer now. Have any way to check if the virus remains in my system?
  3. I can back up some files to my USB stick or it can take along the same virus?
  4. Hello, my antivirus win32.Ramnit accused, did a scan and it removed 7000 items with the same virus. Soon after this, and restart the computer I used the malwarebytes and don't apper more this alert or any files infect with this virus. I would help to know if there's some kind of this virus (Ramnit) on my computer. Can someone help me? Thank you
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