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  1. Thanks, but it might have been better to combine that into one forum to increase the number of combined posts.
  2. I am petitioning YES, but I think my argument was more well-crafted, and from the viewpoint of a small-business owner. Please review it here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=144007
  3. This is a really good idea. The Vendor Information link left in there is misleading and the fact that it takes you to Malwarebytes home page now is clearly an aftersight. Here's what I've seen tons of other techie tools do: Add 'Search google for "threatname.exe"' to your right-click interface.
  4. 2.5 years later and Malwarebytes still hasn't acted on this simple solution? Guys, the right-click idea was an aftersight. It's not good programming. How many of your end users really know about that option? You guys really need to add a button to check all. Your other "workarounds" are just lazy.
  5. I also had the same experience when I tried becoming a Malwarebytes reseller with my company. I filled out the form no less than 4 times over the course of several months and NEVER got a message back once. It seems their customer service is no where near up to par with the quality of their product! I had to ultimately result to buying their product through a 3rd party distributor. To anyone interested in reselling Malwarebytes, I've been having good luck with this company: http://dsolution.ca/en/
  6. It's always about the money, but I tried to make several points that showed that keeping the lifetime licenses might be a good financial move as well. They could certainly raise the price on the lifetime license and keep selling it. I'd certainly buy them at a higher price because they're so easy to sell! Plus, if they get rid of the lifetime licenses and only have subscriptions, they may lose a bit of their customer base and may not make up for it in repeat subscriptions. They really just need to capitalize on what they have that's unique. They have a stellar product that works better than just about anything, and they also have a hassle-free sales model. "No more subscription fees" should be all over their front page, and they should be pushing their product to resellers. If they could get in with a royalty VAR such as Dell or HP and have them bundle their lifetime subscriptions or have them as an addon for a single fee, just think of the profit they could make.
  7. Hopefully this forum turns into the petition! I want to get the word out to Malwarebytes about what its customers want!
  8. Dear MalwareBytes, I think your decision to abandon the Lifetime Licensing model is a bad one. My opinion is from the perspective of a computer repair store manager. We are not a huge company, but we're not the typical "ma and pa" shop. We have 20 employees, and we currently sell about 50 copies of MalwareBytes Pro per month. We just started selling the product, so I know we could sell about 100 per month. I understand your reasoning behind the move. Develop software and supporting it cost money. The lifetime licensing was the one thing that REALLY set your product apart from the competition though. The number one reason we are able to sell your product so effectively to our customers is the fact that it's a lifetime license. They never have to deal with subscriptions or renewals. Trust me, people hate that stuff. Customers don't maintain their computers. Nearly half of our computers that we service come in with an expired protection software. Subscriptions just don't work, and it's going to make your product appear inferior. To the customer, it won't be their fault when they get a virus, it will be the fault of the product they were expecting to protect them. You guys make an outstanding product. Its effectiveness is bar none, but going forward with the pains of subscription model services is not something I look forward to. I would rather you doubled the price of the product than went to a subscription model. If you consider the cost of the product is going to be the same per year as it was for lifetime service, if I only count 10 years of use, that's a 10X price hike. Please, for your benefit as well as your customers, you should keep your Lifetime Licensing model. At least make it an option, so have a SKU for a yearly subscription at $14.99/year, and a SKU for a lifetime license for $49.99.
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