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  1. If you mean the "Sorry,...", no, that's the nature of the software from what I can tell. With this and at least one other forum, it happens whether or not I'm the OP or just subscribed.
  2. Attached. Btw, The email link sent out for your reply goes to a "Sorry, there is a problem. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C." I've seen this at another forum that I think was based on the same software (Invision?). I typically either have to do a search or get it from the Message button. MatroskaSplitter.
  3. updated to 1.0.27105 if that makes a difference
  4. MBAM Premium, 1.0.27103, 1.0.979 Scan this morning identified Matroska Splitter executable as a Spyware Password Stealer. This codec is part of Zoom Player's install and has been on my computer since March 2017. So why today? Test file attached. Spyware.PasswordStealer, C:\PROGRAMDATA\ZOOM PLAYER\CACHE\MATROSKASPLITTER., No Action By User, 555, 841891, 1.0.27103, , ame, MastrokaSplitter as spyware.txt
  5. PS Audio owner writes: "It’s apparently happening to a lot of Wordpress based sites. Nothing there. We just did a safety scan."
  6. screenshot and txt file attached. In addition, this block is being thrown up at the page's Community tab for Customer Systems, Paul's Daily Posts and Ask Paul Videos, and under the Resources tab for Manuals. I haven't checked the rest or the complete site, but have notified the owner. MBAM PS Audio site.txt
  7. To be clear, it's not blocking the site, but blocking something when I go to the site.
  8. MBAM Premium -, 1.0.26911, 1.0.979 -- This is a site I and many others visit daily: https://www.psaudio.com/community/pauls-posts/ Today, I'm repeatedly getting a riskware potential threat block that shows jquerylab.pw. Any idea where it might be coming from?
  9. executable attached. The other files are .lnk files for the desktop. EAC excutable zipped.zip
  10. The main file at issue is EAC's executable. I opened Support Ticket 3049950 by mistake. Should I attach it to that? Thanks,
  11. Out of the blue today, the desktop start up scan identified Exact Audio Copy as malware. Txt file attached. True or false positive? MBAM Premium, 1.0.24258, 1.0.920. MBAM Exact Audio Copy malware report.txt
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