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  1. executable attached. The other files are .lnk files for the desktop. EAC excutable zipped.zip
  2. The main file at issue is EAC's executable. I opened Support Ticket 3049950 by mistake. Should I attach it to that? Thanks,
  3. Out of the blue today, the desktop start up scan identified Exact Audio Copy as malware. Txt file attached. True or false positive? MBAM Premium, 1.0.24258, 1.0.920. MBAM Exact Audio Copy malware report.txt
  4. Out of the blue today, MBAM is quarantining XYplorer file manager, claiming it has Trojan.Maplpack.VB.generic. It's doing it on version 20.10 and the new version today 20.20. It was fine early this morning and yesterday and the day before, but now it's rendered the program unusable without excluding it. This is screwing up me and a lot of other people. What's the deal - is it really infected or is it a false positive?
  5. You understood correctly about Task Mgr and mbamtray.exe not being there. This is not a Win 10 thing, at least it's been there all the way through Win 10, until yesterday when I disabled MBAM in Task Mgr and did the update from Win 10 1803 to 1809. As for the bad link, I've attached two screenshots. The design of that page, presumably the software, is the same as on another forum site that has been doing the same thing since their changeover. I use Opera, but it also happens with IE11 and FF. However, when I copy the link here it becomes a graphic that shows your reply.
  6. Thanks for letting me know about that, but it had no effect on what I'm seeing in Task Mgr > Processes. Only MBAM Service shows. Btw, the link in the email I received for this thread returns the message that the item cannot be located, Error code 2S136/C with Opera desktop, but open fine with Safari on an iPad.
  7. Don't see a way to edit, so... As far as the Notification area goes, the repair tool solved it. However, in Task Mgr>Processes, only Service shows, which wasn't the case before, unless I recall incorrectly.
  8. Just updated to Win 10 Pro 1809 x64 and am finding, even after two restarts, that MBAM is not loading into the notification area and nothing but MBAM service shows in Task Mgr Processes. However, under the Startup tab, it shows mbam.exe, MBAMService.exe and mbamtray.exe running. The dashboard shows all the Real Protection layers running. This is version and update version 1.0.8842. So why isn't it in the sys tray? Thanks,
  9. Is there a way to edit posts? I'm not seeing it and mine needs an edit.
  10. MBAM Premium (up to date). Custom scans every week, normal scans every day. I'm puzzled by the custom scan results just run, per the screenshot. The first two items, Appcheck have been there since February, so why today? Afaik, it is an anti-ransomware program. The third, Convertlite, identified as a PUP, is an audio file converter, and has not only been on the backup drive (G:) since August 18, but it's on the main drive (C:) and wasn't picked up in the scan. Why not?
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