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  1. I thought I called Malwarebyes help but the technician I talked to had a terrible accent and did some other things that raised my suspicion that this was a scam. He said my license expires in a month (actually, I have a lifetime license) and wanted me to purchase Malwarebytes "Gold" at prices that were outrageous. I got so suspicious that I hung up. What I am really concerned about is that I allowed him to take control of my computer. He was able to bring up my Malwarebytes account and navigate around. He knew how to navigate "my account" in a way that made me temporarily think he was the real thing. I know, this was not a good idea. I don't know if the "sharing" app I downloaded is still there or not. I am hoping that Malwarebytes is protecting me from this App.
  2. Also, what should I do? Is there any way to navigate on my computer to block these PUPs myself?
  3. I have used Malwarebytes for quite a while. Every day, I get a scan report that says I have from 40 to 80 PUPs (Potentially unwanted programs) I have no idea what this means. The only thing I do is quarantine them day-after-day. I called Malwarebytes and was told that the subscription I have does not handle PUPs. I think that when I purchased my one-year subscription, I chose "premium". The technician I spoke to said that my subscription expires next month and I needed to purchase the "golden" package, which costs $99.99 for one year, or three-year package ($179.99) or lifetime (about $500). If anyone can look at the attachment and give me some input on what these PUPs are I would really appreciate it. PUP report 1-26-2020.txt
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