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  1. It's not a F/P due to alot of malware across the range and an unresponsive ASN (Owner of the offending IP's).
  2. You refer to 'others' when really it's about your own views. It's not wise to quote what 'others' feel as this could bite you in the xxx. Let these 'others' speak for themselves.
  3. Please provide the details of the IP that is being blocked.
  4. It will be unblocked on the next update.
  5. I thought the same when I read the OP. @earthman888 Hense why there is now a browser choice option forced upon Microsoft in order to give users a choice. Internet Explorer may not be the choice of many (including me) but a lot of businesses use it. There will be many people that disagree with your comments which could start a flame war with 'this browser is better than that browser'. The fact of the matter is, they all have their good and bad sides. Personal preference is what drives us to which one we finally settle on.
  6. That is not what David implied. Malwarebytes does maintain and deliver a fully working product. The proof is in the satisfaction and growing number of customers. Obviously we can't please everyone. If you want a free product, we supply that too. If you are not happy with the paid version, you are entitled to revert back to the free version. Rest assured, we do our best to protect our customers. We have answered your questions fully and now regard this topic as closed.
  7. You don't really understand or you would not be forcing the issue with counter arguements. The multiple updates are because we constantly do checks on those that are blacklisted to add and remove entries. As such, with a database that runs into millions of entries, it is not a quick process. The False Positive reporting was put in place to help us in this task. I don't think you really fathom the amount of work and time it takes to maintain this database and keep it accurate as practicably possible. When we list IP's or domains, they are accurate at the time of listing. As David has already said it is rapidly changing. You can sing all you like about other Security vendors and their ability to have an accurate database but I can assure you, they have the same problems as us.
  8. First off, where did you get these figures? Just because you see our replies saying "... will be removed on the next update" does not mean it was a False Positive. We are not at liberty to divulge what we identified and blocked on a particular IP or range. In some cases, doing so would entail us committing a criminal act especially when it involves CP which ESET, Virus Total or others would not flag. While I admit there will be some False Positives happen very occasionally, this is not the norm. We are human after all and mistakes can and do happen at times. I think you are confusing AntiVirus with AntiMalware. There is a difference between the two. ESET, Kaspersky, Norton, etc., are all AntiVirus software. We specialise in detecting and removal of malware that current AntiVirus software generally may not yet detect. Web protection can be disabled. Simply right click the taskbar icon on your desktop and untick "Malicious Website Protection" (Not advised).
  9. It will be unblocked on the next update.
  10. I obfuscated the systemname for you. The IP is not a False Positive and gsmarena.com had nothing to do with the block.
  11. It will be unblocked on the next update.
  12. It's being looked into.
  13. Sorry for the dealy Kevin. I am not seeing the IP's listed in the blocklist.
  14. Another option to consider is a wifi extender. A few are listed here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=wifi+extender&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Awifi+extender
  15. Standard routers have a limited wifi range (up to 30/50 Metres) depending on walls blocking the signal. He would be better buying an ethernet cable then running it from the PC to the router (tacked along the wall). These cables come in various lengths where 50m would suffice (if his machine is that far away).
  16. It will be looked into.
  17. Please post the IP that is being blocked.
  18. We are not blocking either of those IP's.
  19. It's being looked into.
  20. Sorry for the delay. www.dev4dz.com (not blocked) resolves to: (was blocked due to malware being identified on domains within that IP).
  21. Sorry for the delay. You did open Malwarebytes and click 'Update Now' then tried your domains again, yes?
  22. Neither the domain or IP are blocked. Update Malwarebytes and try again.
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