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  1. Please can you pass me a name, email address and contact phone number via personal message, so we can reach out to your employer?
  2. We are not blocking on my database check.
  3. Trust me, it is rather good to drink. 3 Monts (French beer) also has a good kick Such a pity that some breweries ship small amounts or wont send to areas outide of their county/state Probably due to cost, taxes or licencing laws EDIT: the big picture above whets the appetite and you can almost taste the beer
  4. A King Goblin is probably better Brewed only on a Full Lunar Moon.
  5. I was watching one of the Air Crash Investigation documentaries the other day about Dreamliners and a near fatal crash due to an engine over reving and exploding. The damage led to severe difficulty flying the aircraft and around 100 in cockpit warning alerts which had to be handled one by one due to the complexity of the flight management system. Luckily the aircraft was able to land safely (only just) as it would not have been able to make another pass. It appeared to have 3 pilots and 2 engineers within the cockpit for that long haul flight from Singapore. I guess that the more complex these aricraft become, the higher chance of failures and crashes. Just had a quick google on just this topic and the results were full of safety problems regarding the Boeing 787.
  6. Sorry for the delay. It's being looked into.
  7. The IP block was put in place due to an unresponsive hoster failing to deal with abuse reports sent to them.
  8. That's a possibility. If you think you may be infected, please follow: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/
  9. I have already explained that in post #7.
  10. marxsalon.com is not blacklisted (blocked) nor does it resolve. You mistook an IP block as being a domain block too. Until very recently we only blocked in IP's. As such, any domain that was using an IP which was blocked, showed up on the alerts. This has now changed where we can block on both IP and domain. I hope this explains things more.
  11. textbook.51talk.com resolves to Neither are listed. Even with Malwarebytes website blocking turned off, I get a persistent 403 Forbidden page.
  12. Please post the actual IP that is being blocked.
  13. It's currently being reviewed.
  14. Please provide the actual IP that is being blocked.
  15. I don't have a couple of hours every evening, only when I can fit it in. There is a TV here too
  16. As you can see, we are just like the rest of you, some play a game or two, others don't. Obviously games must be played in moderation when time permits and as a chill out factor after a good days work. My gaming often takes a hit where I only get a couple of hours of an evening, the odd day in a week to play and socialise with old gaming mates. Thankfully my kid is grown up otherwise games would be a no go.
  17. There was some talk on that but it has not got off the ground. Several reasons are: location of people, different interests and time.
  18. LOL we could watch Defiance Guess that is your forte
  19. I never really got into BF4. I was a big fan of the earlier COD 3 and below plus MOAAH a few years back. And yes, PC games are the best (imo)
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