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  1. A reputable pharmacy checker has this to say: https://www.legitscript.com/websites/?website=planetdrugsdirect.com
  2. Yes, if it targets backup files etc, then they will be encrypted even if password protected or not.
  3. Another thing springs to mind. Most of our help given is on a one-to-one basis in the malware removal help forum. A like button would not really be appropriate under these circumstances due to the help being specific to a particular machine/person. In this instance, a feedback button would be more suitable where comments (praise or otherwise) can be submitted via a new window (if needed) offering say a 0-5 (poor to superb) tick box with a comment box area that is passed up the chain to a limited reader area to help us better determine the strengths and weaknesses in our support.
  4. But that would be defeating the whole purpose, being selective on positive results only! At least that's how I read what you have said even if it's not what you wanted to put across.
  5. I have never been a fan of the + or -1 (reputation) type system. Whilst the idea (in theory) is good, I have seen how it can be abused or gamed to fit an agenda whether for good or bad. We provide help and support which gets gratitude from the majority of people (we can't please everyone). This is (imo) the best form of recognition for the hard work that is put in. My own personal views.
  6. Such is the deal with major online games that eventually go free to play. Coders move on and company funds dry up so there is no longer worthwhile new content to keep the gamers interested. Generally only the hardline fans stick around but they too eventually move on. This is one reason WOW has had so much success because the subscribers keep the game alive and fun to play. I look at it this way, my £10 subscription works out around 25p per day. For that 25p I can (If I wanted) play from 24 hours. No-where else would you get this level of entertainment for so little a cost! Even if I manage
  7. World of Tanks (and may other 'Free to Play' games) have the ''Pay to Win' and cosmetic features however it's easy to spend more than a subscription based online game when you are constantly faced with players who live, breathe and spend a fortune on their characters/accounts to get the upper edge. I am not saying it's impossible to compete with them, just that it takes a lot longer to build up your characters/accounts although it increases the frustration when faced with these hardened players.
  8. Yes, it was brought in recently where players could buy a WOW Token which gives 30 days game play then list it on the Auction House for other players to buy with in-game gold. This feature was to help people that struggle earning in-game gold (not that it's difficult). I believe the figure is 15K game gold for 30 day tokens. If memory serves me right, the tokens are a fixed price on the Auction House so players don't get exploited. I personally never bought a token as I subscribe (£10 a month) which is not a lot considering what's on offer and any other game would cost around £25-40 and when
  9. Oh dear, you both really should take the plunge and play World of Warcraft. I started way back in Vanilla (The original before extra content) and have never found any other game as challenging or fun to play long term.
  10. Reading the details in the links above, AVG are giving users the ability to opt-out of the data sharing. If you look closely at a lot of other common software we install, similar data gathering measures are already being utilised by the developers. A question I ask myself is, how many are actually selling data on without their members knowing! Edit: Another thought sprang to mind. I have never trusted sharing of data to affiliates who in turn share it with other affiliates who very well may sell this on! What protection do you have once your data has been shared outside of those you initiall
  11. Details on how to report abuse to Google are shown here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/goodtoknow/online-safety/reporting-abuse/ Sadly, it's a waste of time sending them emails as they require all abuse issues to be submitted via a web based form. Some info explaining spoofing which will help you understand what goes on and happens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_spoofing
  12. That IP should be unblocked. Can you update your malwarebytes and try again.
  13. Ok, I will close this thread now as we seem to have answered your questions
  14. The force stop is part of the OS and should stop the application from running unless it is opened again. Also note: If the app doesn't have an automatic restart code, some apps will automatically restart when it has been force closed.
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