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  1. Maurice, One more... There are many more apps than are shown in this snip (below). I'm thinking that most of these background processes can be toggled to 'off', on my father's computer. Do you agree? Are there any specific apps that I should leave 'on'?
  2. Maurice, One more thing... I'm trying to simplify the computer for him and am following advice you'd given me way earlier. (Link below, see snip #1) https://blog.malwarebytes.com/security-world/technology/2019/01/browser-push-notifications-feature-asking-abused/ Anyhow, to disable notifications the instructions state to find Microsoft Edge in the list of senders and then toggle to off. In Dad's "new" computer, there is not a Microsoft Edge listed. See snip #2 below. Do you know why it wouldn't show up there? I'm using Edge right now to view forums.malwarebytes.com.
  3. Hi Maurice, I hadn't touched the PC in a few days. I'm at my father's home and we have the computer setup. Appreciate all your help! At some point, I may submit a new topic for my personal laptop. But Mom and Dad's computers are both doing great...thanks your help. Julie
  4. Maurice, FYI- I think it was successful. Do you want any kind of scan or report? Thank you, Julie
  5. I found another website that discusses which partition to keep. This one has labels like mine. See snip below. So, I'm going to follow these instructions for "Where do you want to install Windows?"
  6. Maurice- Help please. I started Dad's computer, booted from the USB drive that I used to make the Media Creation Tool. Now I'm stuck, and it's probably a silly question, but I've just started this process. The first is a pic I took with my phone, of the screen. Note: There are three drives. The second is a snip of the instructions I've found online on https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4000735/windows-10-reinstall. It still isn't clear to me, and I thought I better stop and ask you first. Please advise. Thank you! Julie
  7. Thanks for all the instructions, especially the last line to remind me to be well rested and allow plenty of time. I'll plan to do this Wednesday or Thursday. Julie
  8. Maurice, Okay, didn't work. First time went all the way to downloading, and then displayed a popup at the end. Popup stated process had failed, and instructed to restart computer and run the Media Creation Tool again. The next time (after restart) the Windows 10 was downloading, at least 50-60% and I stepped away for a minute. When I returned, the display was on the desktop with a couple of popup errors, the dll kind. I'll attach below as snips. Btw- After this second try, I tried to look at the Event Viewer to find out if there was a log with more information as to why the process had unexpectedly quit. Instead of bringing up the event viewer, I got a popup stating "a new document cannot be created" or something like that. I tried one more time, after restarting the PC again. This time the process completed the download part, then displayed "creating Windows 10 media". After that was finished, it started "Setup...Cleaning up" or something similar (only was on the screen a second or two, disappeared as I was writing it down) and immediately the window disappeared. On this last time, I had cleared various popup errors throughout the process, as they appeared. Since the process was going further than before, I thought maybe I'd get through to the end. Btw- After the second try (not third), I tried to look at the Event Viewer to find out if there was a log with more information as to why the process had unexpectedly quit. Instead of bringing up the event viewer, I got a popup stating "a new document cannot be created" or something like that. All personal pictures, etc were moved from the PC to a USB. There are no paid for programs. Is it possible to do a complete reinstall? Would that clear up these types of problems? This PC was Windows 7 before it updated automatically in August. There is a sticker on the tower with "Microsoft" logo and a product key. Thank you, Julie
  9. Maurice, I think I've answered the question, from the tenforums comments section. (snip below) I'm going to go forward with the procedure. On the snip, it does say to do a "good system image backup first". I'm assuming that is after installation complete. And I have no idea how to do the system image backup. Okay, here goes...
  10. I searched online and found more info. First snip is this computer, second is the website instructions. Please confirm whether it's okay for me to proceed with the Repair Installation of Windows 10, or whether there should be another step first. Thank you, Julie
  11. Maurice, I've been studying the information on tenforums and taking notes. There is one thing I can't figure out on this PC. The "temporarily disable SECURE BOOT in UEFI firmware settings". The three ways they discuss (from link within the article) to do this are specific to PC brand or Motherboard. I know the PC is Dell, which is not listed in their instructions. I have no idea what brand the motherboard of this machine might be. So I tried to search "secure boot" and then "uefi settings" and it took me to the screen below. I have not a clue how to continue. Thank you, Julie
  12. Maurice, I just wanted to let you know that I will try to follow the directions from your last post, later today or this evening. Thank you
  13. Maurice, The dll errors are not new. I took snips and included them in post from Sunday (1/26). I can certainly proceed with your directions, I just wanted to clarify first that you know this is the same machine we've worked on for days now. If you think the FRST report and two files requested might help, then I'll proceed with that. I just wanted to double check before going forward. Thank you
  14. Maurice, I just turned on the PC, to see how many pictures are on here, that my mother would like saved to a different PC. Anyhow, when it started it did some kind of "repair disc" with a black screen and a timer countdown and percentage of the process done. Then, it started Windows like normal. Still had a dll error, upon Windows starting. My question: Is there anything I should check or do at this point (after this "repair disc" process)? Thank you, Julie
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