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  1. Thanks, I'll look into that machine later. Going to shut it down until later this week. Next up, Dad's computer. Tomorrow, should I go ahead an uninstall Avast?
  2. POSTED: 03/29/2017 OPTIONS Maurice, About my old computer...So the Asus link didn't get me far. I don't think I have a recovery partition, and I did buy this second hand through Newegg I believe. I know when it arrived, there was a notice to make recovery disks because it did not have a recovery partition. After I couldn't locate information on ASUS tonight, I searched online and found the information listed below. I do have the recovery disks that I created when the computer first arrived to me. Could you tell me how to proceed? With instructions below from https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/386869/Resetting+to+factory+Condition? Or another way? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asus Recovery key is F9 while at the POST as stated here http://smallbusiness.chron.com/restore-a... If this doesn't work then most likely the computer doesn't have a recovery partition. You can check by using Windows disk manager. Click start Right Click on Computer Click Manage Click Disk Management on the left hand side. Most of the time your system drive will be Disk 0 There should be a partition label Recovery and should be around 10 to 20GB's in size. If you don't see a recovery partition then you will need to download a Windows 7 ISO image. I have linked a Windows 7 All In One (All versions of Windows 7) ISO below. http://getintopc.com/softwares/operating... You can use rufus https://rufus.akeo.ie/ to make a bootable USB. I hope this helps --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you,
  3. Maurice, The Avast was free, then Dad signed up for a "free trial", but sister cancelled that in the last month or so. Yes, you mentioned Windows Defender is the way to go when I was working on Mom's computer. So, yes I do want to uninstall Avast from his computer. How does everything else look? Thank you,
  4. Maurice, On the laptop that only has 4G RAM, I have no need for updating it. I am a single person and have a "newer" laptop, tablet and smartphone. :) Is there anything in particular I should do to wipe the drive? I have my documents/photos/videos transferred to the laptop that has Windows 10. I will donate it after I make sure my information is no longer on it. Attached are the two files you requested. Working on my Dad's PC now. Immediately, it gave me various "alerts" and app notifications. I changed Windows settings to disable. This computer has that Avast anti-virus and other Avast programs. Should I uninstall yet? Thanks for your help!! Julie Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. In other words, I'll be donating this away. Good to know. I can't believe my Dad's computer had Windows 10 installed because that desktop is pretty old. I'll focus on Dad's computer now. It runs, but extremely slow. Any suggestions on where to start with that computer? Thank you
  6. Maurice, Thank you for the explanation of backup. I do know what an external hard drive is, in fact I have one that has never been opened (Seagate) but I doubt it will work because it is at least 7-8 years old. I have another Seagate that I can't access data, it is about the same age. Someday I'll look into that. I think my son's entire Beatles collection is on it, that he had loaded on an ipod for me in 2012 or so. So, do you need to buy backup software first? Yeah, I don't know how important it is for me to keep this machine, but I suppose I could still do FaceBook, etc. Attached is the msinfo file you requested. Thanks again. msinfo 200115.txt
  7. Maurice, Thanks for the reply. I have been transferring files tonight on my small (8 G) flash drive, to my newer laptop which has Windows 10. I purchased the "newer" one with the thought that I would eventually just switch. When you mentioned in the other topic that Windows 7 machines could still do free upgrade, I decided to try. On the other front, my dad's PC must have updated to Windows 10 in August. I brought home his tower to clean it up though, since it is going slower than a sloth. I will not get to that until later this week. Once it's cleaned up, then I'll see if it even has enough memory, etc to effectively run Windows 10. My mom was glad to get her laptop back. I spent almost two hours making backup DVDs for her laptop, as I thought you instructed. At the end of that process, it stated something like Windows 7 backup was completed. I have no idea if I just wasted two hours or not, but I know she got the laptop new right when Windows 10 was released. Best Buy loaded it on her laptop before she took it home. Not sure if we need to do a different backup, or what? When you say backup often, is that always on external media? That seems expensive. Okay, back to this machine. I've transferred all important files. I'm going to delete those files off this machine tonight. But, I won't be doing anything else tonight. Gotta get to bed so I can work tomorrow. As for wiping this machine clean, it would probably be okay except I have Office 2007 and I don't know if it will load on Windows 10? On my "newer" laptop with Windows 10, I purchased Office 16 for that very reason. And, that "newer" laptop also needs cleaned up...but that is my last priority since it doesn't have too much wrong with it. I'll follow up with your suggestions tomorrow evening. Thanks!
  8. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. I was able to download Windows 10. However, it reverted back to my Windows 7 and stated the Windows 10 install had a problem during the "migrate data" part of the process. I know enough about trying to fix computer issues, to make me dangerous. So, asking for help. When I googled the problem on https://www.thewindowsclub.com/safe_os-phase-during-migrate_data-operation it suggested using SFC. I did, and the results showed corrupt file(s), some that could not be fixed. I cannot attach the CBS file, and cannot get the computer to change permissions so I can attach it. Also, since I haven't got Windows 10 on my laptop and today is the end of life for Windows 7, Should I remove my documents/pictures/videos to a USB or the like? Thank you!
  9. One more question... Browsers: Is it better to use Edge or Chrome, in your opinion?
  10. Maurice, I'm getting ready to return my mom's computer to her. It did go through the updates and get the 1909. Questions: 1) Are there any files I should/can delete from the scans and fixes we have run the past few days? 2) Do you have suggested settings for my mom's computer. Even as far as updates, etc.? 3) I'm going to look at my Dad's computer, when I return Mom's laptop. You mentioned that I could put Windows 10 on it. I think it is pretty old, so I'll look at the specs. From what my parents said, it hasn't been working properly either. IF it is capable of downloading Windows 10, I may need help to clean up that computer too. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Update: It seems to be services by publisher Apple Inc. that are causing the problem. I have enabled all startup services, except those by Apple Inc and I no longer have the dll errors. iCloud Photo Library iCloud Drive iCloud IE Bookmarks iCloud Services Do you know how I can fix these? Thank you,
  12. Followed the link and performed clean boot. No dll error popups! How do I proceed? Do I need to enable some of the things I just disabled in task manager? I didn't keep track of what I disabled, etc. And I didn't not go back and try to install that 64-bit Microsoft file that didn't initially load. Please advise. Thank you!
  13. Here is the log file. No hurry. Just wanted to get you as much info as possible. dd_vcredist_amd64_20200110233325.log
  14. Last one failed. (64-bit)
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