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  1. I think it is already SP2 - 14.0.7113.5005 (I think 7015 was the start of the SP2 build numbers). Hopefully the fix will do just that
  2. No difference after uninstalling both VS Macro Tools and VS Tools for Office.
  3. No rush here. Actually I might uninstall the tools for office and macros and see what happens. Cheers Rob
  4. Hi John Mine is the same version number as your office but 32 bit. no exclusions, all addins turned off and running Excel in normal or safe mode. Lot's of other MS software on the PC though, so it might be something outside of excel. Eg Visual Studio 2010 (with tools for Office and macro tools) cheers Rob
  5. And that last pop up is followed by the MBAE popup
  6. Sorry, been distracted .... It occurs when starting excel from taskbar or start menu. Interestingly, when starting from a document I get the attached pop up Cheers Rob
  7. MBAE is blocking Excel 2010 from running (but not Word), even when all addons are disabled. PC has Visual Studio 2010, MS Security Essentials and MBAM. Any thoughts on what I should be looking for? Cheers Rob mbae-default.log
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