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  1. When Malwarebytes did a scan this morning, it apparently found something and popped up with message to either Quarantine or (I can't remember the other choice) so I chose Quarantine. Now I don't know what to do with this Quanartined item. Somewhere in the details it said it was Name: Exploit...121551, and was Type: Malware and Object: File and Location: C:/Windows/Temp/DBUTIL_2_3 SYS. I don't know what that all means and if I should restore it or delete it? Can somebody tell me what to do? Is there any way to tell where I picked up this bad thing? If I recall correctly, I was reading an on-line newspaper at the time the pop up happened - shortly after signing on to the computer. Sorry for being so ignorant. Don't believe I've ever had a malignant thing on my computer before. I am a premium member and Malwarebytes scans my computer every morning and always gives me a message that it didn't find anything so this was a surprise. Thank you
  2. In beginning to follow your instructions, I Restarted the computer and - wa-la, everything started behaving normally. So - I think I am ok. I did recheck Malwarebytes and it now said it had completed the scan and no bad guys found. So - I don't know what got into it but it appears to be back to normal. This is a good occasion to say thank you to all you folks that help to keep us safe. You are one of the few "cyber-people" that I trust.
  3. My computer has been acting weirdly all day - extremely slow connecting to anything. So I decided to run a Malwarebytes scan only to discover that it was already running. It said it had scanned 94,466 items and had been scanning 3hrs 45 minutes . The little "busy" circle is moving next to the 'scanning memory' but the number of items scanned doesn't change. The other strange thing: when I open the task manager, there is a blank white screen with message "There are no running apps" As I write this, it has now been scanning 4hrs5min but still only scanned the same 94,466 items. I am baffled. Anybody else having similar problems? In light of recent cyber attack, I am super nervous of anything internet related. Thanks
  4. thais


    Saw this in today's Tampa Bay Times (Tampa, Florida, USA)
  5. Hallelujah! Success! Thank you very much, Porthos, for sticking with me thru this. I am not very computer literate and when things go wrong, I panic. By the way, this is why I deactivated before uninstalling/reinstalling: What do I need to know before running MB-Clean? Warning: although it automatically backs up and injects the license key, it's recommend you backup or obtain the licensing information before running the tool in order to restore the paid version Warning: we also recommend deactivating the product before running the tool. Refer to the links under "Helpful Resources" for detailed instructions It does not clean Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile
  6. OK - So I ran the mb-clean and reinstalled Malwarebytes. Before I installed it, I deactivated my Malwarebytes Premium (as suggested in the instructions) . After the new Malwarebytes was installed, it ran a scan; however, it says I have the free version. I can't figure how to get back to the Premium account. I clicked the Activate License button and put in all of the license ID and key numbers but there was no place to "submit". How do I get my Premium version back? mb-clean-results.txt
  7. I have not yet used the mb-clean as you instructed but have been reading the various threads on the forum and noticed that somebody else mentioned their Component Package Version had reverted to version 1.0.0. I checked mine and noticed that it, too, had reverted to 1.0.0 from its previous 1.0.262. I don't know when it reverted but must have been fairly recently. Would this account for my real time protection not staying turned on? Would the mb-clean still correct the problem? Sorry to be such a sissy............thais
  8. OK - I won't even tell you what stupid thing I did that did not let me upload the files. So here they are, finally. .........thais mb-check-results[1].txt mb-check-results.zip
  9. I ran the FRST64.exe and both FRST.txt and Addition.txt were saved in my Downloads folder. I then ran the mb-check and it saved the mb-check-results.zip folder on my desktop. I then tried to upload the mb-check-results.zip folder to this thread but it wouldn't attach. What am I doing wrong. Thanks..........thais
  10. I, too, am unable to make real time web protection stay turned on. I keep getting the pop-up that it is turned off, I click to turn it on, and it almost immediately tells me that it is turned off again. I have rebooted and restarted numerous times but to no avail. I do not have MSE but do have Windows Defender and it just did a scan and said all was ok. I have looked in the Windows Defender Security Center about adding exclusions but am really nervous about doing that. I am not very computer literate and afraid of clicking the wrong thing. Will there be a fix soon? Thank you.............thais
  11. Amen Posted 9 hours ago (edited) Then you need to get a life. Read back, and you will see that I was one of those affected (15,6GB of VM used by MWB). And as for being an employee of MWB, I wish -- I am ten years into retirement and have paid for all of my MWB licences out of my own pocket. But the real difference between you and I is that I live in the real world, where mistakes happen; I have made mistakes, I have no doubt that you have made mistakes, and on this occasion MWB made a mistake. But they identified it, reported it (on the forum), and set to rectifying it in a timely manner. What more could any reasonable person ask ? Edited 9 hours ago by small Correct grammatical error.
  12. Thanks from me, also, topcat - I didn't understand about the fast startup issue either. As for abandoning Malwarebytes after this recent problem - NEVER ! Over the 3-4 years that I have had the premium version, Malwarebytes has saved me from so many bad sites and protected my computer so well that I would never be without it. Sure, this was a serious mistake and caused a lot of problems for folks but MWB was onto the fix almost immediately. When I have had any kind of problem in the past, they were always extremely helpful is resolving it quickly - in polite, easy-to-understand terms. Abandon MWB? NEVER !! ...............thais
  13. When I booted my computer at 9:45am EDT, I was getting the same "blocked website" warning as everyone else here on all four browsers (Edge, IE, Foxfire, Chrome); I shut down my computer and rebooted at about 10:30am EDT and all four browsers were no longer showing the "blocked website" warning so am assuming the problem has been fixed. Thanks Malwarebytes - you're the best! ...............thais
  14. Well, that is the wierdest thing! I proceeded to follow your instructions - first restarting my computer (always before, I had 'shut down'). When it restarted, it was once again very busy. Checking Task Manager showed that MBAM was using about 75% of the disk. Going to my MBAM shortcut, I found that I COULD open it now and it was, indeed scanning my computer!! (found nothing) So I don't know what made it come back (perhaps restarting vs shut down??) but it is now up and running again so don't guess I need to do the reinstall do you think? What I currently have is: MBAM Version: Component Pkg Version: 1.0.141 Update Pkg.Version: 1.0.2484 Thanks so much for your help. You guys are great!! I don't know if you are a volunteer or a paid employee but Malwarebytes is certainly a class act. ..........Thais
  15. OK- I'm a nervous wreck but I think I did it right and am uploading the mb-check-results.zip file I must say - you guys make your instructions easy to follow. I really appreciate it. mb-check-results.zip
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