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  1. Advanced Setup, Thanks for the info, should the need arise. I paid for and activated my "Pro" copy this morning, and (so far) all is well. Jerry
  2. Thank you, Firefox. Interestingly, the "Pro" on the right side of the header did not appear until I activated my copy. Jerry
  3. Yes you did answer it, Daman 1, and very clearly with the attached screen captures. Thank you very much. Jerry
  4. Thank you all! I now have my answer: There is something wrong with my present installation. It shows neither "Trial" nor "Pro." I will do a clean install. If that fails, I'll be back. Thanks again, Jerry
  5. I'm not sure, John. I first noticed a couple of days ago that it was not showing "Pro" anywhere in any of the page headers. I think the first install did. (It's not exactly the kind of thing one pays a lot of attention to .) I'm hoping that someone out there with the Pro version can take a quick peek at the page headers and tell me if "Pro" appears anywhere. Thanks, Jerry
  6. Thanks for the effort that went into your response, daledoc 1. At this point I do not think my machine is infected. MBAM responds as it should to simulated spyware, Avast, MS Defender, and MBAM scans all report clean, and I've seen no sign of infection for at least the last week. So, I'd still like an answer to: Should the word "Pro" appear in any of the screen headers of MBAM Pro?" Jerry
  7. I downloaded a trial of MBAM Pro, used it for a few days, than downloaded a new trial because I suspected that my original download may have been damaged by a virus (MSE 2010). The old and new perform the same as far as I can tell, and the trial countdown continued from where it left off. I have about three days left. Here is my question. Should the header on each of the screens include the word "Pro?" As I recall, my first download said "Malwarebytes Pro." The current download says "Malwarebytes." With the exception of that header, which I could be misremembering, all else seems the same between my first and second downloads. Both seem to have all the "Pro" features. I'm asking because I want to purchase the Pro version, but if there is something wrong with what I have on my machine now, I will get a fresh download before activating my purchase. Running Win 7, with MBAM vers. Thanks in advance. Jerry
  8. A knowledgeable friend suggested I get Malwarebytes as it was better at cleaning up after an infection than most AV software. Instead of MB, I accidently downloaded a Malwarebytes Pro trial. I apparently got a product that includes full-time protection, and scheduled scans. It seems quite nice, but on the surface, not very different from Microsoft Security Essentials. So the question comes up "What is the functional difference between MB Pro and MSE? A virus is a kind of malware, so surely MB Pro protects against and scans for viruses like MSE. If Malwarebytes works better, It seems like I don't need to keep my MSE, but in these forums I find much support for using MB in tandem with MSE and other AV software. So, what gives? Appreciate if someone could shed some light my way. Thanks, Jerry
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