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  1. Hello, Aura No, it didn't come back since the last removal. I think we can consider this case closed. If the infection come back, I'll reopen it. Thank you!
  2. Yes of course! In the next few days I will continue to run the scan and I will report the result. Thank you very much.
  3. I've opened Google Chrome, and then I ran Malwarebytes, but now the detection did not come back. It came back many other times, but I was not able to detect what recreated the infection.
  4. Hello Aura! Thanks for your help. Here follows the files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello, I use Malwarebytes Premium and it has detected the malware "PUP.Optional.MindSpark.Generic", and informed that it has been removed sucessfully, but it is returning on detection frequently. I wonder if this malware are not been fully removed, and is recreating those files. Any help will be much apreciated. Below follows the report exported. -- Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 12/12/17 Scan Time: 10:16 PM Log File: cf7e4b9e-df9a-11e7-a528-5cf9ddee8d3d.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version:
  6. I was wondering if the owners of Malwarebytes Lifetime Licenses would get rich with a future high value of this license in the future, as the present licenses are not lifetime. I think that the license agreement don't permit us to sell it, but if we could, I think it could be more valuable than gold!
  7. Hello, Thank you for you answer. I'm already using MBAM 2. But I couldn't reproduce this effect now, even when I changed the scheduled time. I noted that he scan window appears sometimes after the logon as if I had clicked at the MBAM icon at taskbar . I will pay more attention for this event. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Are there a way to disable the Malwarebytes window that pops up when the scheduled scan starts? I'd prefer that the automatic scan occurs without this window showing up. It would be better that if just the toolbar icon informs that there are a scan in progress. Thanks, Diogo.
  9. I would love to see lifetime licenses for Anti-Exploit. I know that there are the free option which I'm using, but lifetime licenses are so cool, they give us the feeling that we have an excellent product for our whole life, at an affordable price in the long term.
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