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  1. Thank you for telling me because i have Vista 64 Bit. Thanks again
  2. When I right click on folder or file of any type I don't see the scan with Malwarebytes shortcut. I look in options and create right click menu to scan files (context menu) is checked. So I exit Malwarebytes and still no shortcut. Plz help.
  3. i know the interface works fine i meant if you want it to look like a more cool look. For example a cool interface is like a squared free.
  4. no i just was seeing if people want new interface
  5. Im not sure about delteing em. I found 1 of those my pc and my laptop 3 of those disable. infectiosnm. Be careful man
  6. If you think that malwarebytes should have a new navigation bar and new look in color and look more modern then type yes or no on your posted comment. Thnx
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