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  1. Is there an easy or obvious way to install malwarebytes without starting a trial? I didn't see it in the installer options. Sometimes, I just want to install a copy of malwarebytes without any of the fancy features. I don't necessarily want to load any kernel modules or enable real time protection of any kind, particularly on systems which already have some stability problems. It's slightly annoying to try and go in afterwards and disable everything. Maybe give users this option?
  2. mbamchameleon is filling my System event log - ~32000 items in the past week and a half - with errors like "Mbamchameleon Failed to obtain file name information - C000000D", "Mbamchameleon Failed to obtain file name information - C00000BE", "Mbamchameleon Failed to obtain file name information - C0000034", and "Failed to verify the digital signature for \??\C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe " Just now:
  3. I noticed this the other day while using Process Monitor. It's not causing any observable issues, but it does seem a bit like a bug.
  4. 32,000 handles and 900+MB of memory seems like a bit much. This computer had been on for several days. I also dumped the process (But I certainly can't attach that!) CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. In the scan window, there are advertisements - occasionally tips too, but mostly ads. I'd love an option (as a paying customer) to turn these off.
  6. Any news on that 2-3 weeks? I'm excited to upgrade to 2.0.x, but am waiting for all the minor bugs to be worked out. I'm normally quite the early adopter, and avid bug reporter, but am not in a good position for such a thing at the moment. I appreciate how (incredibly) hard it is to write bug-free software - and am quite the happy customer.
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