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  1. Hi, I link to one of our suppliers http://pcsuk.biz/ from my site (https://clear-time.co.uk), it is for a legitimate UK software business, whose product my customers use and may need help from, so please can you whitelist http://pcsuk.biz/?
  2. PS - corrected link for one of the above https://clearcomputerhelp.co.uk/easytime/
  3. Hi Ron, https://Clear-Time.co.uk is one of our web-sites. If you look closer you should see that https://easytime.info redirects to https://clear-time.co.uk/easytime/?source=etinfo_Krystal - that page is the information page for our EasyTime product. Our company, Clear Systems Ltd, is closing down Thurs 31st Oct'19 - when that happens the redirect for https://easytime.info will be changed to point to https://easytimeinfo.wordpress.com which will have links to my personal https://clearcomputerhelp.co.uk site and https://github.com/nickr54/ClearSystemsEasyTime so that our ex-customers still have a place to go to for resources, consumables, help etc. These sites will be maintained after 31st Oct'19 - whereas https://clear-time.co.uk will redirect via an intermediate 'closing-down' page to one of our distributors so that users of other products we have sold also have somewhere to go. The https://easytime.info url and its redirection is an integral part of our efforts to close-down gracefully - something that too few b2b companies do. So, as you should now see, it would be quite helpful if https://easytime.info could be un-blocked. Rgds, Nick Rogers.
  4. Hi, I use easytime.info as a convenient url for my customers to get to the correct page for product resources - it's getting hit by your .info TLD default block. Thanks for a great family of products. Nick Rogers.
  5. Thanks, I'll look forward to that. I'd be interested to know why the block was put on in the first place. It's rather ironic that, as an enthusiastic user of Malwarebytes, I have been ercommending it to my customers,clients and associates. In fact it was embarrasing that, having installed Malwarebytes trial for a client, they couldn't browse to my site after the recent update was downloaded! I would also be interested to see an estimate of how many end-users on Malwarebytes there are in the UK.
  6. Can you please advise either: which of our domains (listed below) are causing this ip address to be blocked or which other domains are, so that we can chase this with our hosting provider. Default domain: c0113938.myzen.co.uk Domains hosted: brakestrust.com citizenoftheyear.org.uk clear-time.co.uk clearcomputerhelp.co.uk clearsystems.co.uk data-ware.co.uk pick-ware.co.uk The web-blocking also blocks access to our SMTP mail server on the same IP address: shcp04.hosting.zen.net.uk
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