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  1. Hi, I link to one of our suppliers http://pcsuk.biz/ from my site (https://clear-time.co.uk), it is for a legitimate UK software business, whose product my customers use and may need help from, so please can you whitelist http://pcsuk.biz/?
  2. PS - corrected link for one of the above https://clearcomputerhelp.co.uk/easytime/
  3. Hi Ron, https://Clear-Time.co.uk is one of our web-sites. If you look closer you should see that https://easytime.info redirects to https://clear-time.co.uk/easytime/?source=etinfo_Krystal - that page is the information page for our EasyTime product. Our company, Clear Systems Ltd, is closing down Thurs 31st Oct'19 - when that happens the redirect for https://easytime.info will be changed to point to https://easytimeinfo.wordpress.com which will have links to my personal https://clearcomputerhelp.co.uk site and https://github.com/nickr54/ClearSystemsEasyTime so that our ex-customers still have a place to go to for resources, consumables, help etc. These sites will be maintained after 31st Oct'19 - whereas https://clear-time.co.uk will redirect via an intermediate 'closing-down' page to one of our distributors so that users of other products we have sold also have somewhere to go. The https://easytime.info url and its redirection is an integral part of our efforts to close-down gracefully - something that too few b2b companies do. So, as you should now see, it would be quite helpful if https://easytime.info could be un-blocked. Rgds, Nick Rogers.
  4. Hi, I use easytime.info as a convenient url for my customers to get to the correct page for product resources - it's getting hit by your .info TLD default block. Thanks for a great family of products. Nick Rogers.
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