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  1. I have just booted up my machine and noticed that the Malwarebytes icon is showing a red triangle. When I open Malwarebytes it states that Malware Protection is disabled and I am not protected. I tried to enable it but it goes to green then turns straight back off again. This has happened since the last update. How do I get it to stay on Green. Hope someone can help.
  2. No, thank you, I would not have known to go to the setting in Malwarebytes to get Windows Defender working again as it has never happened before. Thank you.
  3. Bless you, thank you so very much. The download link didn't alter anything as I had the up todate version already, it was the screenshot you sent me that sorted it out so it is very much appreciated.
  4. Hello, I hope someone can help as I did not know which forum to put this question in. Windows Defender has stopped working with Malwarebytes, it has always worked before, has something changed within Malwarebytes.
  5. I was informed by customer services, that once the free trial ended for the AntiExploit product it would be included free of charge with the normal security I purchased last year. Unfortunately it is telling me that the free trial is over and do I want to buy it. Very confused. It also stated that if I did not want to try the free trial, it would be added automatically. How do I know if Anti Exploit has been added.
  6. It was not there when I purchased the laptop in 2012, it only installed itself in 2014 and I didn't notice until I started checking the installed programmes.Anyway tha nk you very much.
  7. Thank you. I have found out what the problem was. I went through all the programmmes I had installed on the laptop before the problem started. I then looked at all the programmes that had been installed after the problem started and I found a programme that I had NOT installed myself, it was Dell PC Doctor. I checked online to see what it was all about and they called it Bloatware. So I uninstalled it and now everything is working fine.So it just goes to show, if I had done everything I was told to do it could have made matters much worse as the problem was not with Malwarebytes but with the computer manufacturer themselves. How Dell PC Doctor installed itselfon my computer baffles me, it must have come with someautomatic update programme.
  8. I can uninstall Malwarebytes no problem but when I re-install it what do I have to do. Do I have to enter my registration key etc. The version I have got states v2015.01.25.07
  9. I am a 72 year old pensioner who can use her computer okay, I can also manage to sort a lot of things out bu going on the web but what you are asking me to do now is totally above my head i.e.FRST.txt and Addition.txt. What is that all about. All I want is for the programme I paid for to work correctly.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I cannot do anything, I click the balloon that says non-malware detected and the malwarebytes large box pops up with all the non-malware listed, asking me to quarantine or delete, I click on delete it greys out and states Mozilla Firefox not responding. It freezes everything up and I have to close my laptop down, re-start it, bring back up Malwarebytes screen, click on history and there is nothing showing whatsoever, no non-malware list, nothing. It is driving me mad.
  11. Hello, this is happening every single day, has been for months and it is driving me mad. If it was a free version okay, but it isn't, I have paid for the premium version and feel I should be getting more support than I am. This is what is happening, Malwarebytes box pops up and states that a scan has been run and non-malware has been detected, it states click here. I click the box and the Malwarebytes large screen pops up with a list of pup's. It asks you to click the little boxes to quarantine them. As soon as I click the quarantine box everything freezes up. I have to close down the programme via Task Manager to get out of it. I then click on Malwarebytes and bring the page up again, click history and there is nothing there. What on earth is the matter with Malwarebytes, am I protected or not. I have uninstalled the programme lots of time and re-installed it to no avail. It just freezes up every single time. I do not want to have to be taking screen shots, diagnostic tests etc. etc. to send off for checking, I just want the darned thing to work, it used to work fine a long time ago. Am I protected.
  12. I hope someone can help me because it is driving me mad and I honestly do not know whether I am protected or not. This is what happens. I receive a pop-up box which states that non-malware has been detectedand to click on the box. I click the box and the large Malwarebytes screen pops up asking me to choose an action for detected items. I click the small box which states 'quarantine all' then EVERY SINGLE TIME over the last few months it states Malwarebytes not responding, the screen goes grey, I leave it for half an hour but nothing happens. I then have to close it down and open Malwarebytes again and click on settings and there is nothing to tell me about the previous non-malware that had been found so I cannot delete it or quarantine it. I wrote to the company who never replied and I am sick to death of not being able to delete or quarantine anything after I have been informed of the detected items. I paid for this rubbish and get no help whatsoever. Does anyone know why, after being informed of deteted items I cannot quarantine them or delete them without the site not responding every single time.
  13. Every time a pop up box from Malwarebytes shows on my laptop screen stating there is a threat and to take action, I cannot do anything as it states at thetop of the box 'not responding'. This happen every single time I have a threat warning. I have to close the box down and open up the Malwarebytes homepage and check it from there, it shows the threats mentioned earlier and states they have been quarantined, but why does the original warning not let me do anything about it, I like to delete these threats from my computer but I am having to go a long way round to do it. Very annoying.
  14. Hi, I hope you can help. A few weeks ago I purchased a Lifetime Licence of Malwarebytes pro. I have all the details, ID key etc. etc. Two days ago, I noticed it had changed and now I have got Malwarebytes premium which includes Chameleon, whatever that is. Do I have to do anything or is it just an update to the pro I purchased. I didn't ask for the upgrade and do not know how I got it, I am pleased I have got it but just want to know more about why I have got it.
  15. Thank you very much indeed, I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me. I am now going to schedule my scans as per your tutorial video. Once again. Thank you.
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