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  1. I feel that freezing one's credit is a reasonable action to take. But Equifax is morally and ethically, if not legally, obligated to do something about this issue. They need to staff the call center with adequate resources. If that means hiring hundreds, even thousands of call center agents, then they are obligated to do just that. I think I was successful in creating an account. The latest time I tried to log in, I got a message "STATUS: an error has occured." The message gave a ticket number and stated: We have received your inquiry and are working diligently to process it. However, due to higher-than-normal email volume, there may be a slight delay in our response time. Emphasis and underline mine. That was on 9-23. I think any reasonable person would have to agree that a 4-day delay, for such an urgent issue as this, is more than a slight delay. What do other feel about this. Has anyone succeeded in signing in to their account? Has anyone succeeded in verifying that their credit freeze request has actually been implemented?
  2. I believe that I successfully enrolled in the equifax enrollment for protecting my information. I followed the steps outline in an article/blog that referred to that topic. The topic may have been in this forum. Or (more likely, I suspect), I may have found it online. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find it now. In any event, I'm now trying to verify that I am indeed enrolled. When I try to do that I find my session in a loop asking me to verify my idenity by entering my last name and the last 6 digits of my social security number. Here's the screen that keeps coming up. Have others run into this? Actually, my preference would be to find a way to independently verify that I'm enrolled. One step in the enrollment was to freeze my credit activity. As I understand that, it would kick in if anyone (including myself I presume) would try to sign up for new loan. Or for a new credit card. I'm not keen on requesting a new loan or a new credit card on my own. Who knows what kind of alarms that would raise. What would I need to do to clear those alarms? So, I'd like to hear from users of this forum. Thanks.
  3. Are there any issues running the anti-exploit product with Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials?
  4. The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Settings/Detection and Protections Options includes "Scan for Rootkits." Is this different from what is offered in the Anti-rootkit product? The Anti-Malware Settings/ADVANCED SETTINGS shows "Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts." Is this different from what is covered by the Anti-Exploit product? How are Threat Scan, Custom Scan, and Hyper Scan in the Automatic Scheduling settings different from each other? Under Threat Scan there is a Scan for Rootkit. Is this different from what is offered in the Anti-rootkit product?
  5. As I was preparing to carry out your clean up process, it occurred to me that the updateFlashPlayer pop-up had not appeared for a couple days. I looked through my MBAM logs and found that the virus had been detected and quarantined every day from 2/13 through 2/18. On 2/19, 2/20, and 2/21 (today) the scan did not find the virus. I'm at a loss to explain why suddenly the virus does not keep showing up nor being detected. Do you think I should still do the clean up? There is actually no harm if the pop-up returns, as long as I'm careful to not reply YES to the update request. I appreciate your help and, if you think I should do the clean up, I will be glad to do so.
  6. I've encountered the fake update flash player several times on my system and it has become annoying to have to keep replying to it. After I reply NO it keeps coming back several times before the message finally goes away. Then some time later it will start over again. I'd like to remove it from my system. I found a topic here that seems to say it addresses removal but when I try to look at it, it says I am not authorized. So, I started this topic to learn what I can do to gain access it. Google returns several links to articles that purport to remove updateflashplayer. Some of them require many steps. Furthermore, one never knows whether some of these might actually be malicious sites themselves, so I'd prefer a fix from a reliable site such as Malwarebytes. If I violated forum rules by posting this topic, I apologize.
  7. spywar, thanks for your reply. No, I'm not a member of one of those groups. I've submitted a request via an email form somewhere(?) within this forum and have not received a reply, so that is why I posted here. Can you shed any light on why something posted on this forum would not be accessible to members?
  8. In topic "20120831-3 4 files Trojan/Zbot", I'm getting "You do not have permission to view this attachment." when I click on the link "malwarebytes 20120831-3.rar" (https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=84253) I'm a "paying user" and I am signed in to the forum. What do I need to do to download malwarebytes 20120831-3.rar? TIA, Phil
  9. MBAM has blocked the following IP addresses: IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 53784, Process: svchost.exe) (INKTOMI CORPORATION) IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54721, Process: svchost.exe) (ns2.ukrtelecom.ua, expert.ukrtel.net,Utel DataCenter, Ukraine) In general, how does MBAM determine that an IP address should be blocked? Is there a way to discover what application is attempting to connect to these addresses? What action, if any, do I need to take? TIA, Phil
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