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  1. Keven, I ran FRST from my F: Drive and deleted the FIxlog.txt that was generated. I then ran Delfix and deleted the log it generated. I believe both programs ran successfully. The computer appears to be running fine using either the IE or Chrome Browser. What happened with my C hard drive? I didn't delete anything on my C drive and now it has 93 GB of free space out of 136 GB. Did this virus replicate itself and eat up space on my hard drive as well shutting down the connection to the internet? Just seems strange to me. I tried to restore "hibernate" using the attached "Geek" site
  2. Do I have to delete the Fixlog text document or FRST document that appears on the F: memory stick before attaching the fixlist.txt to the memory stick?
  3. Kevin, I saved FRST on both the memory stick, F: Drive and see the file on my laptop at the (OS)C:\FRST location on the computer. There are three folders (Hives, Logs, and Quarantine). I searched my laptop but did not see any fixlist.txt files. I believe these are on the memory stick, F:Drive. Should I just proceed and attach fixlist.txt to the location on the C Drive where FRST is located and then proceed in that the fixlist.txt files are on the memory stick? i assume that all this can be done before I download any of the AV programs that you recommend and that should be done after r
  4. My computer appears to be working fine. I seems to be working a bit faster and not locking up. I am getting more security popups before directed to another site when browsing the internet. What virus actually caused my computer to lose connection to the internet and run so slowly? I have Windows Defender on my computer but do not have a virus protection program. I have heard that AVG and avast are good anti virus programs that can be downloaded for free. What do you recommend? Is there a periodic scan that I should do to prevent and check for Malware? What browser do you recommend?
  5. The computer seems to be running faster and working fine. It use to lock up quite a bit. There appears to be more security pop ups when using the internet. Is this because I'm using IE as my browser or will these appear if I use Chrome? What was the virus or trojan that exactly blocked my internet connection and slowed down my computer? I'm concerned that I need to have a virus protection program on the computer to protect it from malware, viruses and trojans. I heard that AVG and avast were good and could be downloaded for free. As of now, I think I only have Windows Defender? Is my
  6. Kevin: I can not get the file to attach to this reply. I search for the C:/ComboFix.txt file and the revised ComboFix log shows up in ComboFix - Notepad. I can't find this file anywhere else on my computer. When I try to save the notepad file to my computer it says that it already exists and do you want to replace. I click yes, and it says, "C:\ComboFix.txt file - Make sure that the path and file name are correct." I don't know how to get this notepad file to save to my computer and attach the file to the reply. I know I'm doing something wrong. Sorry for the delay. Thanks Gerry
  7. Kevin, Here are the CF and ESET logs. When I ran ESET it never gave me an option "to make sure that the option remove found threats is unticked" or any of the other options. It just began scanning. Took about an hour and a half to complete. Found the two threats. Let me know if this looks right to you and how to proceed. Also, would like to know what actually caused this problem and what virus protection program would be good. I heard both AVG and avast were good. What browser would you recommend? Thanks again. Await your instructions. Gerry ESET SCAN.txt ComboFix.txt
  8. Kevin, I closed my browsers and opened notepad. I typed in ClearJavaCache:: and saved it to CFScript.txt as pictured. I dragged this file to the Combofix shortcut on my desktop. It then ran another scan and generated another Combofix log. I'm not sure I did this correctly. Was there something else I should have done. I didn't see any green install type lines when I dragged the CFScript.txt file to the cat icon on my desktop. I have to run some errands for the next couple hours. I'll run the scan from ESET when I get back. Let me know if it sounds like the log that was generated cl
  9. Kevin, Attached is the ComboFix.txt. So far, I'm still using Chrome as my default browser. Don't know if auto run was turned off after running Combofix. I don't have a problem turning on manually, as long as they work. Please, let me know what virus protection to put on the laptop to protect it once you etermine it is running clean. I'll await further instructions. Sorry for the delay. Thanks Gerry ComboFix.txt
  10. Kevin, I generated the Combofix log file. It is saved in a combofix notepad on my computer. Can't copy and past successfully to you. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Kevin, I looked at all the programs that were installed on my laptop and did not find Combofix. Perhaps, it showed up on the log because it was on the memory stick. I downloaded Combofix to my desktop. Somehow, I downloaded it twice. Went into remove programs and tryed to remove one of the copies, it wasn't there. I sent onc of the copies to the desktop. I tryed to disable my Norton Internet Security but have little success. On the Norton Protection Center status there is a red x next to Virus protection, spyware definitions and protection update. There is a green check mark next t
  12. Keven, I'm finally back home. No, I did not run Combofix on my laptop. I had the program on there when I used it to fix a problem on my desktop and transferred it to the memory stick. I ran all your instructions from the desktop to the memory stick and then to the laptop. I was able to restore the connection to the internet after FRST fix. The computer did not reboot by itself but locked up. When I shut it down and restarted the connection was there and my wifi worked. I tried to run ESET repair tool from the laptop but it gave me an error message and would not run. I was able t
  13. Kevin, Thanks for the help. Followed your instructions with some success. I still have some issues but the laptop is now accessing the internet. I've been running around all day and won't be home until after midnight. Will post the logs you requested and update you on how things went either real late tonight or tomorrow. Once again, thanks for the help. You guys are amazing. Gerry
  14. Kevin, Thank you for your help. The infected computer is my laptop not my desk top. Attached are the logs you requested. Let me know if this is what you wanted and how to proceed. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 10-02-2014 01 Ran by Gerry (administrator) on GERRY-PC on 11-02-2014 01:35:18 Running from F:\ Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Service Pack 2 (X86) OS Language: English(US) Internet Explorer Version 9 Boot Mode: Normal The only official download link for FRST: Download link for 32-Bit version: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farba
  15. My Dell Laptop will not connect to the internet via wifi or ethernet cable. My desk top, iphone and smart tv all work okay. I tried using a wireless usb adapter and that didn't work. I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem. I even swapped out another motherboard with the same result. All other programs work although my computer takes a long time to boot up and it won't connect to the internet and wifi. When I boot the computer on, It says, "Connection Status Unknown." "Windows could not connect to the event notification service..." Norton Symantic sends me the following message:
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