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  1. I mean is your virus pertection do good or not.
  2. Ones that don't Find almost all.HijackThis Ones that are Viruses System Security Anti-virus 2009 Ones that are good Norton Avira Ad-aware Spybot S&D Do you have a bad or good one please tell me.
  3. Bobc8

    Windows 7

    I know and I don't trust them ether.
  4. Bobc8


    Yeay I diden't know to do this till know.
  5. Bobc8


    I don't know what type of dog we got but I know it is a mix.
  6. I saw G Force and it was the best movie I saw so far.
  7. Bobc8


    Hi I am new here.
  8. Bobc8

    new member

    Hey nice to see you!
  9. Tell me wich one you like the best.Which one Vista,Windows 7 or you don't know yet? I like Windows 7 better than Vista. So which one do you like the best? Please tell me.
  10. Bobc8

    Windows 7

    If you have Windows 7 or want it tell me or if you have it please tell me where you got it I don't have it but I want it.
  11. Bobc8


    Do you have Vista if you do please tell me but I can tell you don't have it but I want it.
  12. http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/ At tradewindsfruit you can buy seeds at tradewindsfruit.
  13. Bobc8

    Legos B)

    I have tinker toys and legos and linken logs.
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