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    Avira Antivir

    My updating time is at 10:00pm.
  2. Bobc8


    I was throwing up on my birthday.
  3. Yes I am talking about a external touch screen monitor for my computer. Can I do that or not?My Computer is a Dell Latitude C840.
  4. Yes my computer is a Dell Latitude C840.I do have a Nvidia graphics card with 32 MB of memory.
  5. Do you Know any good choices for a touch screen for C840 if you do please include the name.Thanks!
  6. Thanks but my computer does not use that one and are there another one?
  7. Does anybody know a good graphics card for Dell C840. I currently have a Nvidia graphics card with 32 MB of video memory. I need one with 60 or more MB and it needs to be cheap.
  8. Bobc8


    GO Dogs!#1Post here Pictures of dogs here!
  9. Go Beagle Puppies!Post pictures of Beagle puppies here!
  10. Let's take a momen't of peace for all of the people who died. Please bow your head.
  11. Bobc8

    Windows 7

    I would buy the best.
  12. Bobc8

    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates made Microsoft and he is a billionaire he has the biggest company in the world If you know anything else about him please tell me.
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