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  2. Really? "Woof?"

  3. So much is on my mind. I'M GOING TO EXPELODE!!!!!!

  4. Always so positive! Lol :D

  5. :D Hi newest member of the one post wonder! (For now)
  6. This is my favorite one. Caller: “I am a year behind on the current week. How do I close the week?” Me: “I can help you with that. You go to ‘File’, then ‘Close current week’.” Caller: “I don’t have ‘File’.” Me: “Hmm…then you must not have access to this function. Can you log in as the supervisor?” Caller: “I am logged in as the supervisor.” Me: “You’re sure you don’t have ‘File’? It should be listed at the top right.” Caller: “Let me tell you what have. I have ‘File’, ‘View’, ‘Employee’, ‘Period’-” Me: “That’s it there. Please choose ‘File’.” Caller: “I don’t have ‘File’.” Me: “But, you just said you had ‘File’.” Caller: “No, it’s not there.” Me: “Please call out what you have again at the top.” Caller: “I have ‘File’, ‘View’, ‘Emplo’-” Me: “That’s it. You have ‘File’. Please choose ‘File’ from the top left.” Caller: *frustrated* “But, I don’t have ‘File’! I already told you!” Me: *clears throat* “Please read out what you have again. Very…slowly.” Caller: “Okay. I have ‘File’, Vi-” Me: “Stop there, please. What was that?” Caller: “I have Fi-” Me: “You have ‘File’?” Caller: “I have ‘File’.” (I pause, hoping this allows the caller to get it.) Caller: “Oh, you mean THIS ‘File’!” Me: *cheerily* “Yes!” Caller: “I click on this one?” Me: “Yes, please.” Caller: “Oh, that’s the one! Thank you so much!”
  7. Ah yes all different opinions. Thats why were all different.
  8. Ok, you know how people always tell you not to take candy from strangers? Well, why do we have a Halloween? (No joke)
  9. Very kind. Would be glad to ask him for help. :)

  10. with rainbow blasting pandas...
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