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  1. Java is not working on my computer. First I scanned, and found 7 threats and tried it again but still wasnt working. Restarted my computer and it still didnt work. Installed Java again and still it failed. What should I do now?
  2. I got an e-mail that brought me to http://www.zbiddy.com that has everything 90%+ off. If any of you know if it is "safe" or a "scam." I'm not sure if its safe or not, check that out too please. Thanks, Bobc8
  3. Spam for my e-mail acoount is skyrocketing. Have any of you benn getting 40 junk e-mails a day or more? What should I do? I tried blocking them but they just keep on sending them like there is no tomorrow!
  4. Maybe the question is...what "Didnt" you listen to?
  5. Maybe the question is...what "Didint" you listen to?
  6. poisonous so its THE END... (Tbc?)
  7. butterflies turn into batteries
  8. Yes the experience of the officer will effect the suspicion at some times. Vans that are unmarked usually do mean more trouble but they both could different amount's of suspicion.
  9. If your in a coat and sunglasses you will be considered "suspicious.
  10. Oh wow XD well, maybe they do but the police probably arrest them. I:
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