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  1. Firefox, thanks very much for examining my files. My mbam database definition update problem might have been caused by two missing Norton AntiVirus registry entries for file extensions. I reinstated them from a Ccleaner archive of unused file extensions, and now mbam updates work. I'm not sure the reg keys were the cause, beause I can't easily remove the keys again (in an attempt to reproduce the problem). It seems odd that the keys would have caused the errors you listed in your posting, but maybe they are part of Norton's internet protections. I'll just stick with the current state unless
  2. Here are the 3 txt files generated by mbam-check & dds, as well as the last 3 mbam scan logs. It looks like a lot to sort through. Thanks for any help you can provide. Attach.txt DDS.txt CheckResults.txt mbam-log-2012-09-27 (17-09-06).txt mbam-log-2012-10-05 (22-02-42).txt mbam-log-2012-10-29 (14-57-25).txt
  3. I have had the same problem throughout today. Win7, IE8, Norton Antivirus, Comodo Firewall.
  4. "You have the latest database version" was the only response I got for a week when I attempted to update. However, the Listed Update Date, Database Version, and Fingerprints loaded never changed. Removing rules.ref resulted in a message that the file was missing and an offer to download it. But the same file version that had been deleted was written back in, but with today's date. It turned out that Internet Explorer was set to work offline. I'm posting because this appears to be a slightly different symptom of this IE setting than was so very nicely handled by the previous posts on "MBAM d
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