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    • Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition 1.3
    • Server 2012 R2
    • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Active Directory, domain joined


    Just finished installing the Console like an hour ago and have rebooted twice.  Unable to add any AD groups. (see attached)

    ERROR: "Group authentication failed, please check the domain name is correct"


    MEE Console > Admin > Other Settings > Domain Settings:  Domain query account is correct (System Administrator, but not Domain Administrator)


    MEE Console > Admin > Administrators > 

    Click [Add new administrator..] 

    Have attempted to use domain\Groupname,  Groupname@domain  and put checkbox next to "is user group in AD" 


    Still get the same error.


    I went back to the Domain query account field and change from domain\username to username@domain -- No change.


    All domain users have 'read' rights to the domain.  The account I am using is a privileged account but not a domain administrator. I mean the account I am using to query is an account that has rights to create and edit users and groups within the domain.


    We do have 2 domains.  A primary and a sub domain. Both the MEE Server and the query account are in the same sub-domain.


    I can add local users to the MEE console, just not domain accounts.


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