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  1. I agree, We should not be forced to install SQL Express on the console server if we know ahead of time that we will be using SQL Server 2008 or later.
  2. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition 1.3Server 2012 R2SQL Server 2008 R2Active Directory, domain joined Just finished installing the Console like an hour ago and have rebooted twice. Unable to add any AD groups. (see attached) ERROR: "Group authentication failed, please check the domain name is correct" MEE Console > Admin > Other Settings > Domain Settings: Domain query account is correct (System Administrator, but not Domain Administrator) MEE Console > Admin > Administrators > Click [Add new administrator..] Have attempted to use domain\Groupname, Groupname@domain and put checkbox next to "is user group in AD" Still get the same error. I went back to the Domain query account field and change from domain\username to username@domain -- No change. All domain users have 'read' rights to the domain. The account I am using is a privileged account but not a domain administrator. I mean the account I am using to query is an account that has rights to create and edit users and groups within the domain. We do have 2 domains. A primary and a sub domain. Both the MEE Server and the query account are in the same sub-domain. I can add local users to the MEE console, just not domain accounts.
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