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  1. So far, it is a phenomenally different program. I love the new layout and design. It does however seem to download the updates quite a bit slower, though that could be due to my internet speed. I did, however, notice that when hovering over the "General Settings" tab, it fails to create the link until you hover over the right most half of the tab. The left most portion will not take the user to the general settings. Not sure if anyone else noticed this or not. But I do love the new look. More modern
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. They're just a-hole roommates that like to uninstall stuff on my computer when i'm not home. I have a little experience with the removal of registry entries, and i do research before I even remove anything. As for the password, I had thought about it last time it happened, just haven't done it yet. As for the uninstaller, ill give it a shot on my test laptop to see what effect it has, that way I don't mess up my desktop. Again, Thank you everyone for your assistance with this issue.
  3. As the title says, I was wondering if it is possible to remove the Malwarebytes entry from "Programs and Features" as I do not want anyone else in my house to be able to uninstall it. I have done it before with other programs by going into Regedit, but I couldn't locate the folder for Malwarebytes anywhere. I don't want to install it, just remove it from that list. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have had to re-install it three times already due to this problem
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