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  1. After uninstalling a game I attempted to manually delete the leftover files. Deleting the main folder deleted some files & folders inside, but the main folder stayed, as well as some sub-folders & files. And something bizarre happened (or is this normal?) - after attempting to manually delete some of the files (perma [shift+del]) they seemed to be deleted, but after going a directory up and then returning to the one were the file was [attempted] deleted it somehow reappeared. I know that files can refuse to be deleted because they are "in use", but this I'm seeing for the first time. If it matters, the game is Black Desert Online (it was free for a limited time, so I decided to try it). After installing it for the first time, it launched fine and I looked around for a bit. Then, a few hours later, after attempting to launch the game, I would get an error message, stating that "suspicious program [was] detected". After searching online for what might be causing this error, most common answer I found was that it was caused by anti-virus, anti-malware or similar software. The solution was disabling it. Obviously I'm not disabling anything. So I tried verifying game files. Got a prompt that 3 files have to be reacquired. But the process seemed to be stuck in an infinite loop. Then I tried uninstalling and installing again. However, after download reached 100% of the download amount it paused itself and clicking "resume" wouldn't do anything - it would just pause again. After that I attempted manually deleting the game folder and files (uninstalled before that and close Steam client).
  2. Some websites offer logging in with other existing accounts of other websites instead of creating a new account. For example logging in with your Google account, Facebook etc. Is that safe or is it better to create a separate account?
  3. Currently there is a book bundle regarding cyber-security on Humblebundle. Don't know if links are allowed - remove if not. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/information-technology-security-books?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_3 Are the books offered worthwhile?
  4. Thank you for suggestion. Although this will have to be for the future. I'm not savvy enough right now. Are e-mail clients a vulnerability? By the way, files from 1994 are Elder Scrolls: Arena.
  5. Is there a point in reporting these or would it be a complete waste of time?
  6. Mine was analogical, but included links where I can "easily buy bitcoin" for my convenience. How thoughtful Probably multiple groups of people copying this type of fraud and making just minor alterations to the original?
  7. I understand that this is fraud - I'm not worried about this particular e-mail. I was wondering if it's possible in general to see when a letter you have sent has been read?
  8. Going back to "Save Yourself" letters, is it possible to see when your letter has been viewed like they claim? Looking through my e-mail I received the letter in I don't see that there would have been any activity. There isn't much direct and quick value to be gained in that e-mail, apart from a few game bundles I have purchased and they would be under $10 each in value, but they haven't been touched either.
  9. Better Than Us sounds interesting. Haven't heard about any good Russian series before. Will have to check it out. The Killing looks somewhat familiar. The original series might have been on TV over here, but can't tell from vague descriptions on IMDB. The idea itself in Altered Carbon is great. But just seems to lack something. Haven't actually thought much why it didn't stick on me. BL 2049 is over 3 hours long if I remember correctly, which is one of the reasons I keep putting it off. As for cyberpunk, one of my favourite movies still is Johnny Mnemonic. I know the acting is bad, reviews are terrible. But just the setting itself to me is closest to what would be my perfect one. Also reminds me of Deus Ex (PC game). The best cyberpunk series+films to me probably would be Ghost in the Shell.
  10. Not media. Either in "Downloads" folder or folders created by me. Various file types (one is without extension). But they won't be very relevant and I wouldn't lose much if I just deleted them. Although one folder got me curious - it is some program and "Date modified" of every file is 1994-xx-xx. There are 2 "readme" files: README.BAT (which I won't be opening of course) and READ.ME. Is it safe to open the .ME file with Notepad (and is it safe in general to open files with notepad, like files with no extension)? Another topic. Keyloggers. Any reliable way to protect yourself from them or detect them? Long time ago somewhere I found a program called KL-Detector. It's very basic - detects if log files are created.
  11. It was. I already performed a threat scan and only afterwards after viewing the report I noticed root-kit scan wasn't enabled. In the meantime my mouse started convulsing, which means it's time to change the battery and brings another question. I usually by cheap mice or earphones. Is there any danger in buying the cheapest equipment by non-top brands made in China? And another question comes to my mind: I have some files/folders with multiple files on my computer which I don't remember neither where they came from, nor what they are. Is there a way to find out what those files are?
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys. I've recently got a sudden urge to be more careful and "cleaner". I wonder if my bank or others would find it weird if my mother "mother" would suddenly change her maiden name... P.S. (Time elapsed since I've started root-kit scan is over 2 hours now 😫).
  13. Thanks for the reply. What about PayPal? Is it safe to pay via PayPal? Regarding MB web extension, it's description notes that it has "Advertising/tracker protection". I take it this function is analogical to the ad-blocking extensions (like AdBlock or uBlock Origin, which I am currently using) and therefore, if I would choose to use MB Browser Guard, uBlock would be redundant?
  14. Tried watching Mr. Robot, but don't feel like continuing after finishing season 1 - too many stereotypes. Not that long ago I finished Westworld (although I fear that season 3 will not be very good), Altered Carbon (rather mediocre, despite me liking cyberpunk setting) and Scream Queens (this one was enjoyable). Currently watching Mindhunter and I was wondering lately what are the reasons so many people are interested in serial killers. Several Studio Ghibli films. Several films I plan on watching whenever I have more time, including Blade Runner 2049, which I keep forgetting to watch...
  15. Hello, Today I logged into one of my e-mails (*@myself.com, which you can obtain on mail.com) which I barely use (last logged into it probably few months ago), but foolishly on my side it is linked with accounts on various websites which link to other websites/apps I use and some of them I had payments through (like Steam, some game/software bundle sites, Discord, my other e-mails might be traced etc.and now I have to go through the tedious process of changing my e-mail address on multiple accounts). Checking Spam folder I found a ransom letter (the "saveyourself" one). Naturally I was alarmed, since the password in the letter matched the one of that e-mail. Obviously, the sender(s) don't have anything on me, since, as written in the letter I don't "satisfy" myself in front of my computer, my webcam is covered at all times and I've been using Malwarebytes Premium for years now. Still it is quite unpleasant. I performed a threat scan just in case (also performing root-kit scan just in case now, which is taking longer than I expected). This is how I ended up in this forum now. After searching "webcam" I saw that a couple of topics had been created already about identical letters. However, my questions will not be directly about this particular letter, but rather more general. In one of the topics regarding this letter it was suggested to check https://haveibeenpwned.com/. Obviously the one ransom letter was found in was "pwnd". But so did my 2 other "main" ones. Including Gmail (funnily enough one of the breaches was MB forum). Anyway, this leads to these questions. Is it better to have more e-mail accounts, or fewer (or even 1)? Obviously I should use different passwords everywhere. But what about logins? Should I use a different login on every website/app? Personal details I enter on various websites should be fake whenever possible, I presume? Creating accounts on online stores (like Amazon, E-bay, Aliexpress, local ones and alike). Is it okay to have an account (which obviously will have to have my real details, including my address) or should I use "guest" accounts whenever it is possible? Malwarebytes Web[somethingDon'tRememberExactly] extension. Should I use it and is there any benefit to me using it if I already have Malwarebytes Premium? VPN. Should I use it? If yes, when should I use it? If yes, which ones could be considered best/safest ones (I was looking into Windscribe)? Not sure if I asked everything I wanted to initially - spent a while typing this out. Regards, kexas
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