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  1. Thanks Pedro, I had just about figured it out. I can remember that coming up when testing MBAE some time ago but just couldn't get it straightened out in my old head. lol Thank you so much. I just switched to waterfox when FF came out with v29 it's as buggy as an outhouse and I don't care to fight with it. Besides waterfox v28 is a slight bit faster and haven't had any crashes, as of yet. Thanks again, oldgeek
  2. I don't believe renaming the program will work, it was renaming something tho.. I couldn't dig anything out of that link but I just know it's there somewhere, hopefully I'll find or remember it.. thanks..
  3. That may just be but I'm having a little case of "sometimers" and can't remember. Maybe Pedro can set me straight, if that don't work. lol
  4. oops, my bad that's not the one.. maybe Pedro will be around soon. thanks anyway.
  5. Hi daledoc1, Thanks very much. That is the link I was looking for. Cheers, oldgeek
  6. Need help setting MBAE to work with WaterFox. I had some notes on it from here but can’t seem to find them. Guess I’m just getting old.lol Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok Pedro, you can close this out. It was a glitch in my OS and not mbae. Thanks
  8. So far I have done SFC scan, CHKDSK and System Repair with no joy.. Next is Install Repair and I’m gritting my teeth just thinking about it.
  9. Wilpower, I believe that here it’s going to be my W7 OS that is the problem. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet but it may take an install repair to cure it. I really hope not because all my libraries are relocated on a second drive and install repair tries to put them back on the Boot disk and gets them really screwed up. I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and just do it.lol
  10. Thanks Pedro, I'll try some more things, at the present if I want to do a system restore, I just turn off hardened mode and it works OK.
  11. Last post closed: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=143528&p=798294 Hi pedro, After installing mbae 1000 I had no problems for a while but they returned when I changed Avast to the Aggressive Hardened Mode. When running MBAE and Avast 2014 together, if Avast is placed in Hardened Mode Aggerssive then System Restore will not work and if rebooted MBAE does not start and cannot be started manually. In order to get out of this I restore an Acronis image and re-install both Avast and MBAE not setting the Aggressive Hardened Mode, it then works OK… Hardened Mode Moderate seems to work OK also. Logs attached.MBAE 1000 Logs.zip
  12. Found the problem, is a bad system restore module in my os... cheers
  13. Well, I found the logs, had the wrong glasses on. lol I'll copy and clear the log, run some restores various ways for new logs and ship them to you..... tomorrow.
  14. Win 7 x64 I was bouncing all over trying to find the problem. very seldom use sys restore, have acronis for backups. I did a couple of acronis restores and eliminating apps before finding mbae was the problem. When restoring with acronis it looses all system restore points in the process and I had to set a new one each time I eliminated a prog. where is the mbae log located? I can't find it.
  15. Hi Pedro, I cannot use System Restore with x 300 installed. When attempting a restore point with x300 installed it fails. After uninstalling x 300, restore works fine...
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